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Ashland has ample precipitation during the summer. The lush vegetation, warm temperatures and food from residential areas give many types of pests a favorable habitat during pest season. As temperatures drop, some pests disappear while others simply seek refuge in homes or businesses. It is important to treat infestations immediately to save money and mitigate health risks.

General Pest Control

You are sure to encounter one or more pests if you own a home or business. If you own a business, pest control is important for protecting your reputation and your bottom line. Major infestations such as termites can cost more to remedy than paying for preventative services. If your business has stinging pests, ants, cockroaches, rats or mice, customers may leave bad reviews online and damage your reputation.

Mosquitoes are common in residential areas. Most people are unaware that their yards harbor prime breeding areas for these blood-sucking pests. Mosquitoes can breed in a space of standing water as small as a bottle cap. We encourage homeowners to keep their pools and spas covered and to drain any birdbaths, ponds or fountains during the summer. Ants and roaches are common indoor pests that invade and contaminate your food supply. Spiders often feed on them or other small bugs. If you see a lot of spiders, this means that you probably have other pest problems as well. These are a few other common pests.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are brown, tiny and flat. They feed on human blood and are usually picked up at hotels, schools, gyms, workplaces and dressing rooms. People also bring them in unknowingly on used or returned furniture. bed bugs are usually found under mattresses or furniture cushions. If you see blood smears on your sheets, small reddish dirt bits on your furniture and bedding or transparent shed exoskeletons, you may have bed bugs. These pests may live up to a month without drinking blood and can hide in tiny spaces, which means that only professional treatment is effective.


There are several types of termites. These pests look similar to ants but do not have distinct body segments like ants. Subterranean termites are the worst type since they breed quickly and destroy wood aggressively. If you notice gnawed wood, dirt tubes along your foundation or piles of shed wings, you probably have a bad infestation. Only professionals can effectively remove termites and prevent future infestations. Treating the infestation immediately is essential since termites can cause thousands of dollars in damages within weeks.


Some people in the area have reported skunks, possums and raccoons on their property. Skunks can spray you or your pets and leave a lasting strong odor. They may attack if provoked. Raccoons and possums are often found near garbage cans. Both pests may attack when approached, and both types of pests are known carriers of rabies. Possums look like big rats, and raccoons have dark circles around their eyes and banded tails.

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