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Pest Control in Bedford Starting at $34/Month!

A pest infestation in your home can cause you unnecessary stress and frustration, but you don’t have to share your home with pests any longer. F&W is here to help! With our pest control in Bedford starting at $34/month, you’re sure to find the affordable, quality protection you’re seeking!

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A Family Owned & Operated Business

As a family-owned and operated business, we are dedicated to creating relationships with our customers based on professionalism and honesty.

Same Day & Emergency Service Available

We understand the urgency when it comes to pest control. Call us before noon for treatment as soon as today!

Environmentally Responsible & Technology-Driven

Our Massachusetts exterminators use cutting edge technology along with eco- and family-friendly treatment methods to eradicate pests. 

Great people, will recommend it to anyone. Really professional and isn’t about them is about helping and getting your issue resolved. 100% satisfied.


Pest Control in Bedford

You’re tired of seeing pests roam around your home, and we’re equipped and ready to get them out for you! Our professional exterminators in Bedford use eco-friendly products and highly effective treatments to completely rid your home of pests and keep them out for good. With F&W on your side, we can guarantee you total satisfaction with a pest-free home.

When you partner with F&W for pest control in Bedford, you can expect:

  • A free inspection of your property to determine which pests are lingering around your home and how to best treat the infestation.
  • Quarterly exterior treatments to keep pests from re-entering your home and guarantee long-term protection.
  • Annual interior treatments and inspections, so you can enjoy a pest-free home all year long.
  • Free call-backs to guarantee you receive quality service you are satisfied with.


Save $100 on our Comprehensive Services

We offer a variety of affordable pest control packages to get you the protection you need. PestGuard, our most basic, comprehensive program, will save you money, but when you sign up for any of our PestGuard Plus, Signature, or Elite programs, you can save even more money on pest control! 

Our recurring pest control in Bedford includes protection from pests such as:

  • Ants
  • Wasps
  • Mice
  • Stink bugs
  • Roaches
  • Moths
  • Spiders
  • Boxelder bugs
  • And more!


We Provide Emergency & Same-Day Pest Control Services

Are you dealing with a pest problem that just can’t wait another day? Not a problem! At F&W, we offer same-day and emergency pest control in Bedford, so we can better serve you and meet your needs. Our team of highly trained exterminators is ready to answer your call and to act quickly to get you the pest-free home you deserve! When you call 508-384-6400 before noon for same-day pest control in Bedford, or any time for an emergency service, you can expect to have our professional exterminators at your door before the end of the day.

Wildlife Control in Bedford

If you have wildlife invading your home, you may be experiencing some fear and bewilderment. It’s true that wildlife can transmit harmful diseases and introduce pests into your home, but the wildlife control experts at F&W are here to quickly and safely get rid of wildlife—this way, you no longer have to worry about any health risks to you and your family. 

Our wildlife control experts can provide services such as:

  • Bat control 
  • Bird control
  • Opossum control
  • Skunk control
  • Racoon control
  • Rodent removal
  • Squirrel control
  • Woodchuck removal
  • And more

Our Humane Wildlife Removal Process

If you notice wildlife in your home, give us a call and we’ll come inspect your home for safe removal. A variety of species of wildlife are protected under state law, meaning each animal requires a different way of humane control and removal—our team is trained and certified for each issue you may encounter. We work diligently to provide you with quality, non-invasive wildlife control in Bedford for your peace of mind. 


Mosquito Control in Bedford

When your property is plagued with mosquitoes, it’s difficult to enjoy your own yard. Mosquitoes transmit harmful diseases and cause itchy, red bites, which can often make the outdoors seem less than appealing. Luckily, F&W offers mosquito control in Bedford to get you the full coverage and protection you need to start enjoying your outdoor space again!

Long-Lasting, Family-Friendly Treatments

While you may expect your yard to be a safe space for you to enjoy, mosquitoes can really put a damper on the experience and prevent your enjoyment. The mosquito exterminators at F&W are here to make sure that the mosquitoes on your property are controlled, so you can get back out there and enjoy your time again! We provide professional, family-friendly mosquito control in Bedford that guarantees you get fast relief and long-term protection. 

When you partner with F&W for mosquito control in Bedford, you can expect:

  • An inspection of your property by one of our expert mosquito exterminators.
  • Family-friendly treatments that target adult mosquitoes and offer lasting relief.
  • A mosquito control system that offers long-term protection around your property.
  • A considerable decline in mosquitoes around your property.

Are you tired of living in a pest-infested home?


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Save Some Green!

We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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If you are a new customer, get $100 off our PestGuard Plus, Signature and Elite packages!


Special Offers

Save Some Green!

We know that choosing a pest control service is an important decision. Let us make it easy for you to get started with us with these exclusive special offers!

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