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3 Fall Pests You Can Find in Your Backyard

lawn with fall leaves

Summer temperatures don't last for long in Massachusetts. Before you know it, fall has moved in and cooled our area to a nice, comfortable temperature. You'd think that pests would die off or migrate to warmer places, but they look for ways inside your living areas to hunker down for the winter. If you can stop pests from invading your backyard, you'll have better chances of keeping them out of your home this season.

3 Common Fall Lawn Pests

Box-Elder Bugs

Boxelder bugs have black bodies with red accents. They cluster in groups on trees and the sunny sides of homes in the fall. Once the weather cools, they seek shelter indoors. These pests will sneak through rips in screens, cracks around doors and gaps between window frames. They're a nuisance in the fall but are harmless to people and pets.


Stinkbugs have their name for a good reason: They stink when you crush or bother them. Sometimes they release an odor when they're flying or crawling around in a room. Though stinkbugs usually hide until the spring, they'll oftentimes fly around lights and crawl on the windows inside your home. When they're outdoors, you can find them on almost any surface, from the sides of your house to trees and deck railings.

Western Conifer Seed Bugs

Western conifer seed bugs moved into the Northeast within the last 20 years. They feed on conifer seeds, which could spell trouble for the pine trees in your backyard. If you have pines, you may encounter a seed bug infestation this fall. These pests don't cause damage to your home, but they will become a nuisance during the fall if they invade your living space.

Pest Control for Backyard Pests

Just because cooler temperatures move in doesn't mean pests move out. If you want a pest-free home this fall, maintaining your lawn and investing in professional pest control will help. Contact F&W Pest Control to set up an appointment with our qualified technicians. Our experienced staff can inspect for and detect pests, identify the species and use the appropriate treatments to eliminate them. We'll also set up a recurring pest management program to prevent future infestations in your yard and home.

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