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5 Wildlife Pests to Look Out for This Winter

yellow sac spider

Everyone wants to stay inside a nice warm house during the winter months, and the critters living outside are no different. While some bugs and mammals remain relatively inactive during the winter months, others seek refuge in people's homes. Here is a list of pests to watch out for during New England's coldest season.

1. Mice

Mice may be adorable, but they carry viruses and other parasites such as fleas and lice, which feast on the blood of people and pets. According to the CDC, mice are responsible for spreading dozens of diseases including the hantavirus. Aside from the structural damage they can do to your home's interior, they can also chew through wires and cause electrical fires. To avoid expensive home repair bills, doctor bills, and fire hazards - call a professional pest control expert immediately if think you have mice.

2. Cockroaches

Cockroaches spread bacteria as they crawl across your floors, counters, and sinks. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has also noted that cockroaches can make asthma symptoms worse. Due to their infamous resiliency, the only way to get rid of roaches is professional intervention.

3. Poisonous Spiders

Although most spiders in Massachusetts pose no danger, the yellow sac spider is a venomous arachnid with a bite that leaves disfiguring lesions on the skin. Black widows and brown recluses are rarer, but one could be lurking in dark corners in or around your home. A professional pest control team can survey your property to protect you from these dangerous animals.

4. Raccoons

Raccoons are much more intelligent than most people realize. Their nibble hands allow them to open doors and drawers, and they can collapse their bodies like cats to move through tiny spaces. Although they are cute, never pet a raccoon; they are the chief culprits behind most rabies infections. If a raccoon wants to make your home its winter residence, call a wildlife professional to remove it right away.

5. Squirrels 

Squirrels usually avoid humans, but they're not above sneaking into your attic to get a break from the harsh winter cold. These rodents pose most of the same dangers as mice and raccoons, but their behavior is more erratic, so they're more likely to attack if threatened. Therefore, you need a professional wildlife expert to remove them safely.

F&W Fights Winter Pests in Massachusetts and Beyond

Preventing or eliminating infestations requires a comprehensive approach, so it's a job best left to professionals. F&W Pest Control and Exterminators has been serving New England residents for over six decades, so we're the experts on pests and wildlife in the region. We practice integrated pest-management, or IPM, which prioritizes prevention and biological controls over pesticides. When we have to use pesticides, we only use chemicals that are safe for people and their pets. Call us before the cold sets in to talk about safeguarding your home from pests this winter.

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