A Guide To Evaluating And Understanding Flea Control In Canton, Massachusetts

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Eradicating an infestation of fleas can be a daunting task without the right knowledge and expertise. Any kind of pest control comes with a number of considerations, particularly in the densely populated urban area of Canton, Massachusetts. Flea control can include targeted treatments, appropriate preventative measures, as well as an understanding of your environment and the biology of the pests inhabiting it. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of flea control, and help you determine the best solution for your home.

Introduction to Flea Control

Fleas are a nuisance to any homeowner. A parasitic insect, fleas feed on the blood of mammals and birds, and infest your home through contact with pets or other animals, or through bales of hay or straw if left outside. Adults are tiny, usually less than one tenth of an inch long, and can easily hide in carpets, furniture, and clothing, reproducing quickly and spreading disease. While flea infestations can often be handled with some DIY solutions, if infestations reach a critical point, the services offered by a professional pest control company, such as F&W Pest Control, could be your best course of action.

DIY Flea Control | Preventative Measures

Before any pest control service is called in, there are a number of steps homeowners can take to prevent fleas from infesting their homes.

First, it is important to keep any outdoor areas of the property clean, particularly if there are pets present. Regular vacuuming of carpets and furniture is essential, as well as washing pet bedding and other items that fleas may have found appealing.

Sprinkling boric acid powder around doorways, window sills, or any other indicated areas can also be a useful deterrent. Boric acid is an effective yet natural insecticide, and can effectively determine fleas before they enter into the living space.

If you live in the area or are considering bringing a pet into your home, be aware of specific species of fleas that proliferate in Canton, MA, such as the dog flea, cat flea, and the human flea. Inspecting your animals (and if necessary your friends? animals) for any signs of fleas should become part of your regular routine, and be mindful of where your pets have been before bringing them back into your home.

Most of these steps and measures require little effort but can be highly effective when implemented with consistency and perseverance.

Professional Flea Control

When it comes to flea control, there are a number of actions a professional service can take. Depending on the situation, F&W Pest Control might recommend a number of remedies including targeted insecticides, preventative measures, and extermination services.

Regarding pest control services, F&W Pest Control follows the guidelines of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), meaning they use the least toxic and the most environmentally responsible approaches to eliminating the pest threat.

When it comes to insecticides, F&W Pest Control employs strategic treatments that focus on killing the fleas in their different stages of life. These treatments often target the outdoors, to prevent the fleas from entering the home. But if infestations are already inhabiting the home, additional treatments such as insect growth regulators, sprays, dusts, gels, and baits can be used to penetrate even the toughest hideouts and neutralize the threat.


When dealing with flea infestations, the best measure is usually to seek the assistance of a professional service. At F&W Pest Control, you can trust that they will accurately assess your situation and tailor a solution that best eliminates the threat while being most mindful to the environment.

F&W’s integrated pest management approach (IPM) provides the professional quality you need with the environmentally responsible quality of a DIY approach. Trust the expert exterminators at F&W to get rid of your mosquitoes this season. Get a free quote to start debugging your space today.

Pest Control Near Me

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