A Guide To Evaluating And Understanding Gopher Control With Juicy Fruit Gum In Northborough, Massachusetts

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Gophers, while common residents of Northborough, Massachusetts, can often be a nuisance for homeowners and other residents alike. In many cases, gopher removal or exclusion can be done in a safe and effective way with the use of juicy fruit gum. This article is designed to explain the process of evaluating and understanding the proper use of juicy fruit gum in controlling gopher infestations in Northborough.

What Are Gophers?

Gophers, also known as pocket gophers, are animals that live in subterranean burrows and primarily feed on roots and underground parts of plants. They are most commonly found in North American grasslands, but also in stony and sandy soils in deciduous forests. Gophers are related to the squirrel family and vary in size from four to fourteen inches in length, and their fur can be brown, gray, yellow, or cinnamon.

Why Do Gophers Need to Be Controlled?

Gophers can cause a variety of problems for homeowners and landowners in Northborough, including destroying gardens, damaging house foundations, burrowing under patios and decks, and eating through utility lines. If left uncontrolled, gophers can cause significant damage to lawns, gardens, landscaping, and other property. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant in monitoring gopher activity and taking steps to control them before they cause further damage.

What Methods of Gopher Control Can Be Used?

Gopher control methods vary depending on the species, size of infestation, and the size of the property. The most common gopher control methods include trapping, shooting, poisoning, and using juicy fruit gum as a method of gopher exclusion.

When Trapping Might be Used

If the infestation is small, trapping can be an effective way to remove gophers from the area. Trapping requires setting traps in the gopher runways and monitoring the area for activity. If successful, the gopher can be removed from the area without causing harm to other plants or animals in the area.

When Shooting Might be Used

In some cases, shooting can be effective for controlling gopher infestations. It is important to note that shooting is only legal in some areas, and it can be very dangerous if done improperly. It is best left to pest control experts who are trained in the proper use of firearms for gopher control.

When Poisoning Might be Used

Poisoning is not recommended as a method of gopher control due to the danger it presents to neighboring plants and animals. The use of poisons can have a wide-reaching effect on the surrounding environment and commercial poisons should only be used by pest control experts who are trained in their appropriate use.

When Juicy Fruit Gum Might be Used

Juicy Fruit gum can be used to exclude gophers from areas where they are causing damage or are likely to cause damage. Juicy Fruit Gum acts as an irritant to gophers, causing them to flee the area and seek refuge elsewhere.

How to Evaluate and Understand Juicy Fruit Gum as a Method of Gopher Control

There are several factors to consider when evaluating the use of juicy Fruit gum for gopher control. First, the infestation size must be assessed. Juicy Fruit gum is most effective for smaller infestations and less effective for larger infestations. Second, the site should be evaluated for the potential presence of other wild animals that may be present in the area. Lastly, the type of soil should be taken into consideration before using juicy Fruit gum, as it will be more effective in stony or sandy soils than in clay or loam soils.

How to Use Juicy Fruit Gum for Gopher Control

To use juicy Fruit gum for gopher control, the gum must be placed in the gophers? runways at a depth of four to six inches. The gum should be placed in groups of four to five pieces, and the pieces should be spaced two to three inches apart. The pieces should be checked and replaced every two weeks, and the process should be repeated until the gopher has been removed from the area.


Gopher infestations in Northborough, Massachusetts, can be a nuisance and it is important to be vigilant in monitoring gopher activity. Juicy fruit gum can be a safe and effective way to keep gophers from damaging property, but the size of the infestation, type of soil, and presence of other wildlife must be taken into consideration before using it. With proper evaluation and understanding, juicy Fruit gum can be an effective means of keeping gophers away from your property.

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