Battling Bald Faced Hornets In Newton, MA – 10 Things To Consider

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For Newton, MA residents, the sight of a bald faced hornet can be a frightening one indeed. This large and powerful stinging insect is common in the area, and can quickly take up residence on a property where food and shelter are plentiful. Understanding the basics of the bald faced hornet, its life cycle, habits and habitats are crucial for having a successful battle with them. Here F&W Pest Control offers their top 10 things to consider when dealing with bald faced hornets in and around the town of Newton, Massachusetts.

1. Identifying Your Pest.

The bald faced hornet is easily recognizable by its white and black striped abdomen and its large size (usually up to 1 inch). In addition to its size and color, the bald faced hornet has a large and scary-looking face. It is also commonly mistaken for other similar stinging insects such as the Common Yellowjacket or the European Hornet. In order to determine if the insect you are dealing with is a bald faced hornet, it is best to call a professional pest control company who can accurately identify the insect and accurately advise on treatment options.

2. Where Do Bald Faced Hornets Live?

Bald faced hornets build large and easily-visible paper nests in trees, wood piles, and on eaves of buildings. They also commonly build nests in the ground in sandy, sunny areas. Nests of bald faced hornets can reach up to 12 inches in diameter and house up to 800 individual insects. If you find a nest on your property, it is best to leave it alone and contact a pest control professional as soon as possible to assist in removal.

3. Nest Removal

Removing a nest of bald faced hornets can be a challenging and dangerous task. Attempting to remove the nest yourself could result in serious injury due to the strength and potent sting of the bald faced hornet. Instead, working with a professional pest control company like F&W Pest Control can ensure the job is done safely and effectively. Professional pest control providers have the proper protective gear and experience to safely remove bald faced hornet nests without putting themselves or anyone else in danger.

4. Biology and Lifecycle

Understanding the biology and lifecycle of the bald faced hornet can greatly assist in removal efforts. The bald faced hornet will only sting when provoked and is not an aggressive species toward humans. The lifecycle of the bald faced hornet begins when a queen lays her eggs in a nest. The eggs hatch into larvae which the adults feed until the larvae transform into full adults. The lifespan of an adult bald faced hornet can range from 10 days to up to several weeks.

5. Diet

The diet of bald faced hornets consists mainly of other insects and nectar. While this species does not feed on human food or food waste in and around a property, they can become aggressive if their nest is disturbed.

6. Complications

While bald faced hornets are not typically aggressive, disturbances to their nests can result in swarms of the insects becoming agitated and potentially attacking anything’or anyone’in their way. If these hornets attack people in an area, they can result in painful stings and a trip to the hospital.

7. Best Time of Year

Bald faced hornet activity is at its peak during the summer months when their nests can become large enough for them to become a nuisance. During this time, regular inspections of your property for nests are essential as they can quickly become large.

8. Prevention

The best way to battle bald faced hornets in Newton, MA is to prevent them from establishing a nest on your property in the first place. To do this, keep your property free from decaying organic matter such as wood piles and leaf litter, and ensure any areas that may provide nesting sites are properly sealed and protected.

9. Professional vs DIY

DIY attempts at removing bald faced hornets are almost always inadvisable due to the potential danger posed by these insects. In addition to the physical and health risks that could result from disturbing a nest, DIY attempts often do not result in effective removal or control, leading to further issues down the line. The best choice for Newton, MA residents is to contact an experienced pest control professional like F&W Pest Control whose specially trained technicians have the proper equipment and training for safe and effective bald faced hornet removal and control.

10. Aftercare

Once an infestation of bald faced hornets is taken care of in Newton, MA it is best to take preventative steps to ensure they do not return. To do this, regular inspections of your property should be conducted, and any areas that provide potential nesting sites should be properly sealed and protected. In addition, it is best to keep your property free from decaying organic matter such as wood piles and leaf litter to reduce the chance of a reinfestation.

By following these simple tips from F&W Pest Control, Newton, MA residents can ensure they are well-prepared to battle the bald faced hornet. From correctly identifying your pest to understanding the biology and prevention methods necessary for effective control, the best line of defense against the bald faced hornet is knowledge. Understanding the threat posed by this insect and what to look for can go a long way towards preventing any potential issues.

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