Best Practices For Flea Extermination In Newton Center, MA

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Flea infestations can be difficult to manage and can require long term planning before they can be fully eradicated. When considering flea extermination in Newton Center, MA, home and business owners should be aware of some of the best practices for flea extermination that can help ensure a successful outcome. From identifying the species of flea to understanding the proper way to treat the area, there are many steps to take to ensure fleas are effectively treated and prevented from returning.

1. Identifying the Species of Flea

The first step to an effective flea extermination is to correctly identify the species of flea that has taken up residence in the home or business. In Massachusetts, there are two primary species of fleas that plague humans and domestic animals, cat fleas and dog fleas. While the two species share many similarities, the cat flea is more common and more likely to cause skin irritation and potentially more serious health problems. A professional pest control specialist can quickly identify the proper species of flea and devise a treatment plan accordingly.

2. Conduct a Professional Inspection

In most cases, a professional flea extermination plan requires a comprehensive inspection of the property to uncover all possible sources of infestations. Professional pest control specialists can utilize specialized tools and techniques to pinpoint areas where fleas are living and breeding. Furthermore, an inspection will reveal any areas where pests may be entering a property, making it an important part of any comprehensive flea extermination plan.

3. Understand the Right Treatment Methods

Once the areas where fleas are present are identified, the next step is to understand what treatments are necessary to effectively terminate the fleas. While popular over-the-counter flea extermination products are available, a professional service may be necessary to effectively eliminate fleas from the property. Professional exterminators possess the specialized training, equipment, and experience required to scan the property for fleas and fully address any nesting or breeding areas that may be present.

4. Consider Outdoor Treatments

One of the most important steps for flea extermination is focusing on outdoor treatments. Because many flea species can survive outdoor conditions and travel in easily with an animal or human, outdoor treatments can be an effective way to curb a flea population from returning. Professional treatments may include the use of state-approved insecticides that are sprayed along a foundation or other areas deemed necessary. In addition to reducing flea populations, treatments can also help when dealing with other outdoor pests, such as ants, ticks, and mosquitoes.

5. Address Areas Where Animals Are Present

Some flea species are known to inhabit and feed off of hosts, such as cats and dogs. As such, when attempting flea extermination, special attention must be devoted to areas where the animal frequents. Fleas can lay eggs and settle in carpets, upholstered furniture, and pet beds, so these areas must be properly treated and vacuumed.

6. Utilize Integrated Pest Management Techniques

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies are a proven method for controlling and eliminating fleas and other pests. These strategies involve the application of specific tactics to reduce the presence of pests with minimal use of insecticides or other potentially hazardous methods. These tactics can include the use of repellents, behavioral modifications, and physical barriers to reduce the contact between people and pests.

7. Maintain Prevention Strategies

Even after a flea extermination initiative has been implemented, periodic maintenance or prevention strategies must continue to ensure that new infestations do not establish themselves. Regular inspections for signs of pest infestations, vacuuming and dusting of pet bedding, and the removal of trash around the perimeter of the property are some strategies that can help prevent new infestations.

8. Utilize Professional Services

In some cases, a professional flea extermination service may be necessary to ensure a successful outcome. Professional pest control experts possess the skills and training necessary to identify flea species, locations, and the best plans of action. Furthermore, they understand the various state and local regulations governing the use of certified treatments used to eradicate fleas.

9. Review Rates and Services

Home and business owners should compare and review rates and service plans to find the right approach to their specific flea extermination needs. Many pest control services offer specialized, fee-based plans that can target flea infestations and provide additional services, such as removal of dead fleas and insects, the installation of traps and pest prevention barriers, and other maintenance and sanitation tasks.

10. Consider Long-Term Prevention Solutions

Flea infestations can be difficult to eliminate and are best addressed with a long-term approach. Regular housecleaning and sanitation practices, routine pest inspections, and specialized maintenance strategies can help prevent and control flea populations. Additionally, treating pets with approved flea-management products can help reduce the chance of a flea infestation.

When dealing with flea extermination in Newton Center, MA, or other areas of Massachusetts, it is important to understand how best to address the issue and the tools that must be used to ensure an effective extermination. By understanding the proper steps to take and seeking the services of a professional exterminator, home and business owners can successfully eradicate and prevent a flea infestation. If you have any concerns about potential flea infestations, F&W Pest Control offers a broad spectrum of MA pest control services that can help to properly address the issue and give you back the peace of mind you deserve. With offices in Wrentham, MA, Framingham, MA, Peabody, MA, and Kingston, MA, we serve all of eastern Massachusetts and would be happy to assess your needs and determine whether or not you need our pest control services.

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