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Controlling Fleas At Home In Walpole, Massachusetts

There are many ways to keep fleas and other pests away from your home, but in Walpole, Massachusetts, it is important to take a proactive approach. F&W Pest Control offers the necessary services to ensure that you and your family are free from fleas and other pests throughout the year. As an experienced provider of MA pest control, we offer residential pest control, commercial pest control and industrial pest control services that are tailored to solve your pest problem in Walpole.

One of the most important steps in controlling fleas at home in Walpole is to use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services. These services will help to minimize the use of pesticides while still providing effective pest control and environmental safety. Our IPM services in Walpole include trapping, inspection, and repair of entry points and structural defects. We also offer full bird control, bird exclusion and netting services.

For a complete flea control program for your home in Walpole, we recommend a combination of chemical and non-chemical methods. One of the most important non-chemical methods for controlling fleas in Walpole is to keep your lawn and garden both clean and well maintained. Regular mowing, trimming, and the removal of debris and grass clippings will reduce the number of places that fleas can hide. We also recommend that you regularly vacuum and steam clean your carpets, rugs, and furniture to help remove flea eggs and larvae.

When dealing with fleas in your home in Walpole, Massachusetts, chemical treatments can be effective in eliminating existing fleas and preventing new infestations. Our certified technicians use only EPA-approved products that are safe for use around humans, pets and the environment. Chemical treatments in Walpole may include the use of fogging, sprays, dust, baits, and other forms of insecticide.

It is also important to be aware of flea prevention. In addition to chemical treatments, we also recommend that you regularly wash your pet’s bedding, blankets, and other items in hot water. We also recommend that you vacuum frequently and mow your lawn regularly. When temperatures become warm, it is also important to keep your lawn and garden free from standing water, as this is a breeding ground for fleas and other pests.

At F&W Pest Control, we offer comprehensive flea control services throughout Walpole and the surrounding areas. We have the knowledge and experience to create an effective pest control program that is tailored to your home and will help ensure that you and your family remain flea-free. For more information on our flea control services in Walpole, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.