Controlling Mosquito Populations In Andover, MA

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Mosquitoes are a nuisance that just about every homeowner in the Town of Andover, MA faces at one point or another. With its warm climate and vast farm and marshlands, mosquitoes are aplenty in this picturesque New England town. But living with the threat of mosquito-borne illnesses and a slew of irritating symptoms is no way to keep your family safe. F&W Pest Control provides integrated pest management (IPM) services and solutions to minimize the mosquito population in your Andover home.

Understanding Mosquitoes in Andover, MA

Mosquitoes thrive in warm climates ? and luckily, Massachusetts is just warm enough for them to overcome the cold winters here. Andover is ripe for mosquitoes, with a handful of local lakes and ponds that give them the standing water they need to replicate quickly. These pests actually start to move into the area around mid-April and remain active until the first hard frost in October, making it very important to maintain a reliable mosquito control program.

Mosquitoes have been linked to a variety of diseases, some of which can be mild and some that can be life-threatening. These include West Nile Virus, Malaria, Dengue Fever, and Yellow Fever. Moreover, their bite can bring about red, itchy welts and introduced allergens into the body, which can exacerbate existing allergies and asthmas.

Preventing Mosquito Infestations Around Andover, MA

The best way to control mosquito populations is to start as soon as spring arrives. The following are general prevention tips that homeowners in Andover can take to prevent mosquitoes.

? Trim back bushes and trees near doorways and windows to remove hiding spots for mosquitoes.

? Install mesh covers over standing pools of water, and fill in depressions in yards that trap water.

? Keep outdoor spaces clean and debris-free.

? Install fans and bug zappers on patios.

Mosquito Control with F&W Pest Control

Given the seriousness of the diseases associated with mosquitoes, it is important to take a proactive approach towards preventing mosquito infestations before they begin. F&W Pest Control can help by providing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services and solutions to maintain mosquito populations in and around your property.

Our experienced pest control technicians use industry-leading techniques such as habitat modification and biological management. We remove areas of standing water where mosquitoes can lay their eggs, eliminating a large portion of the mosquito breeding grounds. We also inspect and repair damaged home components, such as screen windows and doors, to deny mosquitoes access to the inside of your home.

Our professional team is also knowledgeable about effective chemical controls, like the use of mosquito larvicides and adulticides, and can apply them accordingly and safely. In addition, our technicians are regularly trained in the latest sustainable pest management strategies, such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

The F&W Advantage

When seeking out a reliable partner for your mosquito control program in Andover, F&W Pest Control offers the perfect combination of expertise and dependability. Our team of experts is committed to creating custom solutions that put your needs first. We understand the struggles of living with a mosquito problem, and we value our reputation for providing prompt, professional service that meets your highest expectations. Our many satisfied clients in Andover can attest to the exceptional service they have come to expect from F&W Pest Control.

Furthermore, F&W Pest Control takes special steps to ensure that our treatments are as safe and eco-friendly as possible. We prioritize the use of organic solutions, and stay away from harsh chemicals that can be more dangerous than the pests themselves. This is a testament to our dedication to finding the most sophisticated solutions while also staying true to our mission of providing the best quality pest control without compromising the health of our clients and the environment.


Living in Andover brings with it the very real possibility of encountering nuisance mosquitoes, and the risks that come with them. These risks make it especially important to have an experienced or reliable pest control provider by your side. F&W Pest Control is proud to provide superb service to Andover homeowners, along with discretion, understanding, and speed. F&W’s integrated pest management approach (IPM) provides the professional quality you need with the environmentally responsible quality of a DIY approach. Trust the expert exterminators at F&W to get rid of your mosquitoes this season. Get a free quote to start debugging your space today.

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