Effective Pest Control For Fleas In Wrentham, Massachusetts

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The presence of fleas in homes can be a nuisance for homeowners who live in Wrentham, Massachusetts. These tiny insects can transmit bacteria and parasites to both humans and pets, and can be difficult to get rid of once they have infested a house. To protect your home and family from fleas, it is important to take the necessary preventative measures, as well as to employ the services of a reputable pest control company if your home is already infested. This article will provide an overview of the steps that homeowners can take to both prevent and eliminate fleas in their homes.

What Causes Fleas To Infest Homes In Massachusetts?

Fleas are small insects that are known to infest homes and spread disease. They usually come into homes through the introduction of pet animals, or by traveling with people who come and go from the home. Fleas thrive in humid, warm environments and can survive for long periods without food or water. They reproduce quickly and can lay up to 2000 eggs in a single month. As the flea larvae mature, they produce a waxy coating which helps to protect them from insecticides and other forms of flea control.

How to Identify Fleas In Your Home

Fleas can be hard to spot due to their small size, but there are several signs homeowners can look for to help identify a flea infestation. Flea dirt (also known as flea excrement) appears as clusters of tiny black dots ? around the size of a pinhead – and is often present on the coat of an animal or around their bedding and furniture. Additionally, fleas can cause irritation to the skin of both humans and pets, resulting in itching and scratching around the ankles and legs.

Preventative Measures For Flea Control

Preventative measures are critical for controlling fleas in Wrentham, Massachusetts and other parts of the state. Homeowners should take steps to clean their home regularly, as well as to vacuum carpets, furniture, and bedding often, using a strong suction vacuum cleaner. Flea control products can also be placed around the home ? such as flea sprays, bombs, powders, and dusts – and can be purchased from most pet stores and garden centers.

Using Professional Pest Control Services For Fleas

If a home is already infested with fleas, professional pest control services will likely be necessary. Scrupulous pest control technicians should first carry out a detailed inspection of a home to identify the severity of the infestation and the areas where fleas may be living. Once the inspection is complete, the technician will recommend the most effective form of treatment and will apply the appropriate products to the relevant areas.

Once the treatment is complete, it is important to ensure that the fleas have been completely eradicated. The technician should implement home-maintenance procedures such as vacuuming and spot-cleaning of pet bedding and carpets to ensure that the flea problem is not coming back. Additionally, they will provide advice on how to prevent flea infestations in the future.


Controlling fleas in Wrentham, Massachusetts can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Taking preventative measures, such as regularly cleaning and vacuuming, and using appropriate pest control products, can help to keep fleas at bay. However, if a house is already infested, the services of an experienced pest control company should be sought. The team of experts from F&W Pest Control will work diligently to inspect a home thoroughly, use the most appropriate treatments, and provide advice on how to prevent infestations in the future.

With the right methods and a well-trained team of experts, it is possible to control fleas in Wrentham, Massachusetts and maintain a safe and healthy home.

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