Eliminating Hornet Nests In Acton, Massachusetts With F&W Pest Control

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Cases of hornet infestations are quite abysmal and can cause worry for homeowners living in Acton, Massachusetts. F&W Pest Control proudly offers a broad spectrum of Massachusetts pest control services ranging from general pest control, wildlife removal and termite control to residential pest control and commercial pest control services. Their unique approach to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) ensures minimal use of pesticides and optimal pest control.

Introduction to Hornet Nests

Hornet nests are generally found near homes and buildings in outdoor areas around Acton, Massachusetts, like in eave walls, on trees, and in attics. Hornets are social insects and groups can quickly construct their papery nests with the main purpose of reproduction. Hornets are particularly dangerous because their nests are composed almost entirely of a paper-like material composed of wood pulp and saliva gathered by the hornets. Disturbing their nests can be dangerous and cause hornets to attack.

Hornets develop from the queen and offspring begins early in the spring in Acton, Massachusetts. They feed on other insects, require a flying stage for dating and mating, the queens look for a suitable nest site, and then lay eggs. When larvae hatch, the queen provides them with food and automatically adjusts the size of the nest by adding cells or leaving them open.

Dangers of Hornets

It is crucial to be aware of hornets and the danger they pose to your homeownership near Acton, Massachusetts. Hornets can cause considerable discomfort and pain with their stings which tend to be more painful than wasp stings. Multiple stings can cause a range of ill effects, including abdominal pain, extreme itching, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and nausea. Removal of a hornets nest can also have life-threatening consequences for people that are allergic to bee stings.

Hornet Removal by F&W Pest Control

F&W Pest Control is a trustworthy, and professional-grade pest control service based in Acton, Massachusetts; providing industry-leading live trapping, bird control services, and complete pest solutions for all kinds of homes and commercial businesses. These experts specialize in hornet nest removal for Acton, Massachusetts, which requires a professional.

Removing hornet nests is a complicated and sometimes dangerous process. The F&W Pest Control team is licensed and are experienced in removing the nests safely and effectively. They make sure to treat each nest removal with the utmost care. During the removal process, they will analyze the nest and outline a strategy that is least disruptive for the hornets and most effective for the removal. This will include what products may be necessary for removal, and ensuring there are not any entrance points that will facilitate the hornets coming back.

Benefits of Trusting F&W Pest Control for Hornet Nest Removal

F&W Pest Control emphasizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) when ridding your property of hornets near Acton, Massachusetts. IPM is an effective, psychological approach to pest management that emphasizes and combines long-term prevention with immediate eradication.The solution actually starts with us getting rid of any areas where the hornets are likely to live, like holes in wood, doors, and facades.

The F&W Pest Control team understands how important it is to inspect a property for an infestation before commencing any work. This helps them determine what kind of hornet needs to be controlled, and in which areas of the property the highest concentration of these pests live. This process is crucial for constructing a tailor-made plan that is most effective for your particular project.

F&W Pest Control also offers top of the line customer service, with an available 24-hour customer support line. Their on-call team is available to answer any questions and provide a free estimate on services.


The professionals at F&W Pest Control are the surest bet when it comes to getting a hornet infestation in Acton, Massachusetts dealt with quickly and efficiently. Their expert exterminators provide quality customer service and industry-leading integrated pest management approach to ensure removal of hornet nests without the use of excessive pesticides. Get a free quote with F&W Pest Control to start debugging your space today and take your home back from these pesky hornets.

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