Eliminating Mice Infestations In Wrentham, Massachusetts

Mice Exterminator

Mice are a serious issue when it comes to pest control and home maintenance. An infestation of mice can be destructive and difficult to manage, especially in the town of Wrentham, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t consider all the steps needed to ensure that their property is effectively and humanely rid of the mice. In this article, we’ll review the necessary steps for eliminating a mouse infestation in Wrentham, from preventive measures to live trapping, exclusion techniques, and more.


The best way to eliminate an infestation of mice is to take preventive measures to keep them away in the first place. When exterminating mice, start by ensuring that all potential entry points and sources of food are addressed. Patch up any cracks and holes in walls, seals around windows and doors, and around utility lines and pipes. Seal up human food sources by keeping all garbage and food in tight-sealing containers, and make sure pets? food bowls are well covered and not left out at night. Keeping shrubbery trimmed near the home’s exterior can also reduce mice activity, as can setting up mouse traps in appropriate areas.


The most common method for trapping mice in the home is live trapping. This method is humane and cost-efficient, allowing homeowners to safely and easily trap mice without the use of chemicals or baits. There are several types of traps available, from snap traps to multiple-catch traps and even electronic traps. Many of these traps can be set up overnight to catch mice while they are at their most active. When using these traps, it is important to make sure they are set up in strategic locations, such as along pathways where mice are likely to travel. Once the traps are set up, it is important to check them regularly and dispose of any caught mice as quickly as possible.


Another effective method of eliminating a mouse infestation is exclusion. This process involves sealing up all potential entry points and gaps that may be allowing mice to enter the home. Check for weak spots in walls, floors, and ceilings, and make sure all windows and doors are tightly sealed. Stainless-steel mesh can also be installed over window and pipe openings to provide an additional layer of protection against mice. This mesh is also an excellent way to protect the interior of the home from damage caused by mice chewing on insulation or electrical wires.

Bait Stations

If trapping and exclusion are ineffective, homeowners may want to try using bait stations to attract and catch mice. Bait stations come in both solid and liquid form, and are placed in strategic locations around the home to attract mice and effectively reduce their numbers. The bait should be checked regularly and the station cleaned out to ensure it is working properly.

These are just some of the ways homeowners in Wrentham can rid their homes of mouse infestations. By learning about preventive measures, live trapping, exclusion techniques, and bait stations, Wrentham residents can be proactive in eliminating mice from their homes and restoring peace of mind. F&W Pest Control is available to assist with any and all aspects of pest management to ensure a successful and humane outcome. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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