Evaluating Mothballs And Ridding Rats: A Complete Guide For Homeowners In Lynnfield, Massachusetts

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Yard infestations of rats can be extremely concerning to homeowners, as rats are known to carry a variety of diseases and have the potential to do extensive damage to the home. In certain places, like the populous town of Lynnfield, Massachusetts, this issue is even more common and troubling because of the area’s dense population and high number of rodents. For Lynnfield residents looking to permanently rid rats from their abode, the question begs to be asked: Do mothballs actually work?

Mothballs, an odiferous, white lump of pesticide, are known for their pungent smell and their ability to irritate the eyes and mucous membranes. Some individuals believe mothballs to be an effective method for ridding rats because of their ability to repel rodents, yet, unfortunately, this is not the case. In this article we are going to discuss what the research says on the issue of rats and mothballs, and the steps Lynnfield area residents should take to resolve rat problems safely and permanently.

What Science Says About Mothballs and Rats

The truth is, mothballs have no effect on rats, and it’s time to drop the notion that they do. Scientifically speaking, it turns out that mothballs lack efficacy in this regard because they are simply not strong enough to push the rodents away. Mothballs are primarily composed of naphthalene and 1,4 dichlorobenzene, which are chemicals that deter the presence of certain moths and other insects. However, these chemicals lack potency when it comes to helping homeowners ward off rats.

It is also thought that rats cannot tolerate the thought of mothballs due to their extreme smell, but this is not the case either. Rats have been proven to adapt to many different environmental conditions, so much so that they have even evolved to the point of being able to recognize and tolerate the smell of mothballs.

The Full Guide: What Homeowners in Lynnfield Need to Know to Rid Rats

So, what should homeowners in the Lynnfield area do to protect their space from rats? It’s time to implement a few best practices.

1. Seal Up Openings

Rats usually find their way into a house through cracks in walls or roofing. Residents of Lynnfield should inspect their home for any possible entry points and seal up any openings that they find. Doing so helps to keep rats out and also limits the chances of them coming back.

2. Clean Up the Yard

Having a yard that is free of debris and clutter can also help to ward off rats. Homeowners should clean up their yard regularly and remove any large heaps of trash, food waste, and woodpiles in order to reduce any possible attraction for rats.

3. Remove Food Sources

Rodents are drawn to food sources, making it paramount that homeowners in the Lynnfield area remove and seal off potential food sources in order to keep rats out. This includes pet food, bird feeders, garbage cans, compost bins, and anything else that may be a food source for a rat.

4. Implement Mechanical Trapping

Mechanical trapping provides an effective solution to ridding rats. This involves using a spring-loaded trap such as the D-con Mouse Trap, which is proven to have success in capturing rats. The rat is then killed with a ruler or some other heavy object.

5. Contact a Professional

In some cases, implementing the previous four methods may not be enough to completely solve a rat problem, and at that point, it is best to call a professional exterminator. F&W Pest Control offers a broad scope of pest control in MA and other effective nuisance wildlife solutions. Their services are tailored to a customer’s specific needs whether it is a one-time service or year-round protection. Their Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques achieve optimal pest control in MA with minimal use of pesticides.


Ridding rats and other pests requires the implementation of a few tactics, and this article has covered some of the essential steps Lynnfield area homeowners should take when it comes to eliminating rat infestations. While mothballs are often thought of as a possible solution, unfortunately this is not true in reality and science has proven their lack of efficacy in this regard. Using the steps outlined above in conjunction with the help of a professional, Lynnfield residents can protect their home and health from the threat of rats.

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