Extermination Considerations For Home Owners In Wellesley, Massachusetts

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Every home owner in Wellesley, Massachusetts needs to consider the different extermination techniques and strategies available when dealing with an infestation. For homeowners, the pest control options have expanded from the traditional exterminators to Integrated Pest Management (IPM), services that can deliver targeted solutions with minimal use of pesticides. For home owners in Wellesley looking for solutions to get rid of rodents, bugs or wildlife, the decision process of choosing a pest specialist should include more than just cost and convenience. A good first step is getting multiple quotes for recommended services. Knowing the different approaches, and researching providers, can help ensure pest exclusion in the long-term.

What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is considered a preferable option for home owners in Wellesley as it offers a more customized solution, with greater consideration given to the existing environment of the home. Its core principles are attempting to prevent pest infestations through careful monitoring and providing a targeted and multi-faceted response that uses a combination of tactics. In an IPM regime, the technical solutions for pest problem are tailored to the specific situation. For instance, there may be more suitable ways than repelling insects to deal with cockroaches and other bugs living in an attic.

What are the Benefits of IPM?

IPM is generally thought to be more effective than generalized pest control treatments, as it considers the environmental ecology of the home. With IPM, exterminators use methods to remove insects or rodents, or pave pathways to prevent more from getting in. With the use of exclusion techniques, such as sealing off openings and protecting water sources, pest control companies are able to control pests with minimal use of pesticides if any used at all. IPM takes a problem-solving approach to pest control, and is suitable for projects of all sizes– be it a one-time extermination or year-round protection.

Which Pest Control Company Should Home Owners in Wellesley Choose?

When it comes to choosing a pest control provider, for any home the answer should be an experienced one with a detailed understanding of the local landscape and insect populations. Those living in Wellesley, Massachusetts, for instance, have access to a broad range of MA pest control solutions from F&W Pest Control for residential pest control services. F&W offers options from general pest control services to termite control, wildlife removal, and bird control services using the latest IPM techniques. Its professionals are trained and certified and can customize the service package to the specific needs of a home and its environment.


Home owners in Wellesley, Massachusetts should choose pest control solutions based on their understanding of local pest populations and experience with local eco-systems. Exterminators who use an IPM approach can help control pests in their homes without relying too heavily on pesticides. Consulting with a certified professional such as F&W Pest Control is the best way to find an effective solution, tailored to the specific needs of the home.

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