Frequently Asked Questions About Little Worms In Carpet In Scituate, Massachusetts

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Are you dealing with a small worm infestation in your home’s carpets? You’re not alone. Little worms in carpets are a common pest issue for homeowners in the town of Scituate, Massachusetts. Pest control professionals like the team at F&W Pest Control are familiar with the particular insect species found in a variety of materials, including carpets, and can help you better understand and address your individual infestation. Here, we answer some of the frequently asked questions we receive about little worms in carpets.

What Kind of Little Worms are Found in Carpets?

In different parts of the United States, there are different kinds of small worms in carpets. For example, carpet beetles are among the most common type of carpet-dwelling worm. These worms typically feed on insect eggs and dried organic matter like animal hair, fur, or lint. Other kinds of little worms in carpets found in Scituate, Massachusetts, may be sawtoothed grain beetles, Indian meal moths, or cigarette or drugstore beetles. These pests consume various stored products like flour, dry grains, or pet food. Many of these pests will feed on dead insects as well.

How Do Little Worms Get in My Carpets?

Bugs that live in carpets will often enter your home unnoticed in raw materials, fresh-cut wood, furniture, and rugs. In many cases, the larvae can be transferred through the air from outside to inside the home. These larvae may also come in from infested materials in places like the attic, storage boxes, or basements. It is important to understand that some of these pests may be in the home before any carpets are ever laid down.

Are the Worms Harmful to Humans?

No, the little worms found in carpets are not typically a direct threat to humans. Though they may not carry an infectious disease, they are a nuisance. These pests may leave behind the shed skins and droppings. These cause health issues like dermatitis and allergy possibilities, which can be harmful to those with sensitive skin or respiratory systems. Additionally, the small worms may feed on clothes and items in your house, so it’s important to address the issue as soon as you get the chance.

How Can I Get Rid of Little Worms in My Carpets?

Often, it’s important to use multiple methods of treatment when it comes to eliminating a worm infestation in the carpets. You might start by picking up your carpets and vacuuming them thoroughly. You can also scrub the carpets by hand with a stiff brush. Another option might be to simply replace the old carpets and install new rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting.

If you have a severe infestation that calls for stronger measures, you can invest in chemical treatments. These are usually best handled by an experienced pest control professional. F&W Pest Control offers a broad spectrum of pest treatments in Massachusetts, from general pest control services to the latest in pest control techniques. The team at F&W utilizes integrated pest management (IPM) techniques to achieve optimal pest control with minimal use of pesticides.

What Other Precautions Can I Take To Prevent Little Worms in My Carpets?

The best way to prevent little worms in your carpets is to keep your carpets clean. Vacuum carpets regularly and check your home for potential entry points. Keep an eye out for any damp spots or accumulated dust. Fix any cracks in the flooring or walls and seal any potential entry points. Also, avoid storing food or forgotten items around the home. Keep pet food put away in tightly sealed containers, and consider storing it outdoors or in metal trash cans.


Little Worms in carpets cause significant and disruptive infestations for Scituate, Massachusettts homeowners. Though these pests can be irritating, they can’t harm you directly, and there are several measures you can take to control and prevent them. With the help of F &W Pest Control, you can take proactive steps to keep the infestation from becoming an even bigger problem.

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