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Crickets, part of the order Orthoptera, are known as a nuisance pest in residential areas. Homeowners in Winchester, Massachusetts, may be all-too familiar with the sound of chirping crickets outside their home. The loud chirping and the possibility of damage from the pests is enough to motivate many people to look for ways of dealing with their cricket infestation.

If crickets have become an issue at a home in Winchester, MA, it is important to consider the source of the infestation and to select the most appropriate method of control or removal. While crickets are a challenge, it is possible to manage them with the right assistance from local pest control experts. Welcome to F&W Pest Control, your source for customized solutions to getting rid of crickets in Winchester, MA.

Sources of Infestation

The most common source of an infestation of crickets is the introduction of the insect into the home from outside. This is a particular problem in the spring and summer months because crickets prefer the warmer temperatures of the warmer months. Crickets find their way into homes through cracks and other small openings in the exterior of the home.

Once they have gained access to the interior of the home, the crickets will begin to feed on whatever organic materials they can find. They are particularly fond of stored food, fabrics, paper products, carpeting, and other similar items. They will also look to gardens and potted plants for sources of food and, if given the opportunity, will feed on the contents of garbage cans and other waste containers.

Getting Rid of Crickets in Winchester, MA

The best way to get rid of crickets in Winchester, MA is to take a proactive approach to prevention and damage control. This means that it is important to take steps to prevent the crickets from entering the home in the first place, as well as the elimination of available food sources, and the removal of any nesting sites that the crickets might have set up.

The first step in getting rid of crickets in Winchester, MA is to identify any entry points in the home that the pests may be using to get inside. These points can include cracks and crevices in foundations or around windows and doors. These areas should be sealed with an appropriate caulking or other sealant in order to ensure that the crickets cannot gain access to the home.

In addition, food sources should be eliminated or secured to prevent crickets from being able to feed. This includes storing food in sealed containers, disposing of waste containers regularly, and ensuring that outdoor spaces are not left uncovered. Additionally, any areas of dampness or excess moisture should be addressed, as these are areas that are particularly attractive to crickets.

Finally, any areas where crickets may be nesting should be identified and removed. This may include furniture, boxes, or other locations where the crickets may have found refuge.


Getting rid of crickets in Winchester, MA is an ongoing problem that requires proactive steps in order to prevent the infestation from occurring in the first place. By sealing cracks and crevices around the home, eliminating food sources, and removing any possible nesting sites, crickets can be managed in order to protect home structures and prevent costly damage. The team at F&W Pest Control is here to help home owners manage their cricket infestations with comprehensive service and IPM techniques to rid properties of crickets, with minimal use of pesticides. With our assistance, Winchester homeowners can rest assured that their homes are free from crickets and have the peace of mind that comes from that prevention.

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