Get Rid Of Ladybugs From Your Newtonville Home – Top 10 Things To Consider

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Are you a Newtonville, Massachusetts resident experiencing an influx of ladybug infestation in your home? Ladybugs may sound harmless and even innocuous, but the truth is, these little pests can wreak havoc on your home and even cause significant damage to your property. Learn more about the dangers of ladybugs and the best practices to get rid of ladybugs in and around your Newtonville home.

Welcome to F&W Pest Control! We have been serving Massachusetts with integrated pest management (IPM) techniques for over 30 years. We offer a variety of services for pest control in Massachusetts, with a focus on single family homes, multi family units, condos, and apartments. In this article, we’ll be discussing ladybug infestations and how to get rid of them, specifically tailored to Newtonville residents.

Before we dive into our top 10 tips for getting rid of ladybugs, let’s first discuss what they are and why they’re hazardous. Ladybugs are oval-shaped bugs that have an orange-red shell with black spots. They range in size from 0.12 inches to 0.36 inches in length. They feed off of insects, such as aphids, that feast on garden plants, and they typically inhabit green spaces such as gardens and meadows.

Given their harmless presence when found in green spaces, why do ladybugs need to be removed? Ladybugs, upon entering your home, may cause damage through chewing on fabrics, like furniture or carpets. They may also release a foul smell when in large numbers, which is both unpleasant to residents and another sign of severe infestation. Here are the top 10 tips for getting rid of ladybugs from your Newtonville home.

Tip #1 – Inspect the Exterior of Your Home: Ladybugs can fly in from the outside, and so it’s important to inspect the exterior of your home and make sure it’s sealed off properly. Seal any cracks and crevices around your doors and windows to prevent ladybugs from entering your home. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that screens and vents are all intact and functioning properly.

Tip #2 – Remove Attractions: When finding ladybugs inside your home, it’s important to first check for and remove any of the pests? attractions. Ladybugs are attracted to light and so these should be kept off during the day and night. They may also be attracted to sources of moisture, such as a damp crawl space or basement, or plants in windowsills, etc. and these should be removed.

Tip #3 – Clean Up: Keeping your home clean is an effective way to get rid of ladybugs. This means regularly vacuuming any carpets, curtains or furniture that ladybugs may be hiding in, and also dusting and washing any bedding. Ladybugs may seek out dark and moist places to hide, so remember to store your clothes and items properly. Make sure your home is well ventilated and dry, as ladybugs won’t be comfortable in these conditions.

Tip #4 – Get Professional Control: If all of the above tips have failed, then it might be time to call in the professionals. Professional exterminators have access to more powerful methods and products that can help get to the root of an infestation. They can use chemical treatments to safely and effectively get rid of any ladybugs, as well as any eggs they may have deposited.

Tip #5 – Use Ladybug Traps: Using ladybug traps are a way to catch and trap ladybugs in a specific area. These traps work by luring the ladybugs in, and then trapping them with a sticky adhesive. Trapping them this way can help reduce the amount of ladybugs in your home.

Tip #6 – Natural Repellents: Natural repellents are a great way to essentially call in reinforcements to get rid of ladybugs. These solutions are usually made up of ingredients such as peppermint oil and lemongrass. These oils have insecticidal properties that can help repel ladybugs.

Tip #7 – Soapy Water: Soapy water is a very simple solution for getting rid of ladybugs and can be a great way to reduce the population of ladybugs in your home. Simply mix equal parts of liquid soap and water and spray it in areas infested with ladybugs. The combination of the soap and water will act as both a deterrent and a toxin to the ladybugs.

Tip #8 – Use Beneficial Predators: Beneficial predators are a great way to help reduce the population of ladybugs in your home. Ladybugs often feed on aphids, which are plant pests, so if you can introduce predatory insects, such as soldier beetles or lacewings, into your garden or home, they will feed on and kill the aphids, thus reducing the amount of ladybugs.

Tip #9 – Keep Visuals Outside: Ladybugs are drawn to warmth and light, so it’s important to keep visuals such as porch lights and windows closed during the late night and early morning hours. Also, be sure to close any open windows during the day.

Tip #10 – Maintain Your Garden: Lastly, it’s important to take proper care of your garden and landscape. Ladybugs are most commonly found in gardens, so it’s important to regularly trim trees and shrubs, keep the lawn neat and tidy, and clear away any debris such as fallen leaves and branches. This will reduce potential areas for the bugs to inhabit.

By following these top 10 tips, Newtonville homeowners can help keep their homes free of ladybugs and their pesky presence! However, if you have any further questions or if you’d like to discuss potential solutions for ridding your property of the pests, feel free to contact F&W Pest Control. One of our pest management professionals will assess the extent of the issue and determine whether or not you need pest control services to get rid of troublesome pests. We have offices in Wrentham, MA, Framingham, MA, Peabody, MA, and Kingston, MA, but serve all of eastern Massachusetts.

If we confirm that there are issues, we will recommend the treatments that will be most effective for your property. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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