Getting Rid of Ants in Andover, Massachusetts: a Comprehensive Guide

The sight of ants scurrying around the kitchen or outside your home can be frustrating. Despite their small size, ants are a headache for any homeowner. Not only are they annoying pests, but these insects can spread diseases and cause structural harm to your home. That’s why it’s important to know how to prevent and get rid of ants. Today, we’ll go over everything you need to know about ants and how to keep these pests out of your home.

Types of Ants in Massachusetts

Ants are insects that are found throughout the world. They share several similarities with termites, though ants are generally smaller and more active. There are over 12,000 species of ants that can be found in the world. In Massachusetts, there are several species of ants that are well-known for infesting homes and wreaking havoc on building structures and yards. These include:

  • Carpenter Ants: These large ants are usually black and are often found in homes around wood structures such as doors, window frames, and attics. They make their nests in wood, leaving behind wood debris and chipping. While they do not eat the wood like termites, they can still cause significant damage to wooden structures.
  • Odorous House Ants: These small, brownish ants give off a rotten, unpleasant odor when crushed. They tend to find shelter in people’s homes and grow their colonies to enormous sizes. You’ll want to take care of odorous house ants quickly to keep from having a massive nest in your home.
  • Pavement Ants: These small, black ants often make their homes in paved areas such as roadways, sidewalks, and patios. As their name suggests, they tend to be around pavement and concrete. Because they dig their nests in the soil beneath payment, they could cause serious harm to your driveway or roads. 

Why Ants Become a Problem

Though some ants are harmless, others can be a major nuisance. Ants are often attracted to homes due to the availability of food, water, and shelter. They enter homes through cracks in foundations and walls, open doors or windows, or tiny holes in walls, pipes, and cables. Once inside, they can spread illnesses or damage property as they burrow in wood, foundation, electrical outlets, and insulation.

How to Deal With An Ant Infestation

When dealing with an ant infestation, it’s important to identify the source of the problem. If ants are attracted to a particular area or food source, it’s important to address that source first. Cleaning up food scraps, leaking drains, and other debris can help discourage ants from entering your home or business. Caulking up cracks in foundations and walls can also help keep ants out.

It’s also important to use insecticides or bait traps to eliminate the ants. Baits contain food and slow-acting insecticides which can be placed near ant trails or nests. The ants consume the bait and return to the nest, where they pass on the chemical to other ants. This can help to significantly reduce the population of ants. Insecticides used inside can kill ants on contact, while those applied outside can target the ant colony.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs offer an environmentally conscious approach to effectively eliminating ants from a home or business. This approach utilizes several techniques, such as sanitation, exclusion, habitat modification, and chemical control, to create a complete ant control program.

Using IPM, F&W Pest Control Inc. can develop a targeted ant control strategy for Andover homeowners and businesses. Utilizing our knowledge and expertise in the field of ant control, F&W can provide effective, targeted solutions to an ant infestation while caring for the environment. F&W can also provide ongoing service to ensure your home or business is always ant-free.

Get Rid of Ants from Your Home with  F&W

Ants can be a significant issue for any home or business. Because of their ability to enter homes, contaminate food sources, and cause property damage, it’s important to take steps to eliminate them. 

Utilizing integrated pest management, F&W Pest Control Inc. can provide targeted solutions to ensure your home or business remains ant-free. F&W’s integrated pest management approach provides the professional quality you need with an environmentally-conscious approach. Trust the expert exterminators at F&W to get rid of your ant problem this season. Get a free quote to have a pest-free space today.

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