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Finding your home plagued by ants is a common occurrence in Swampscott, Massachusetts. While these industrious creatures can be seen as helpful for certain tasks, there are certain cases where they can become quite annoying, resulting in the need for pest control services. Knowing how to differentiate a helpful ant species from a nuisance one will help you become better equipped to take action when needed. We at F&W Pest Control strive to help all our clients in the Swampscott area rid their homes of the ants and other nuisance pests that can plague it. Keep reading to learn more about the kinds of ants in Massachusetts, how to identify them, and strategies for ant control.

Ant Species of Massachusetts

There are over 230 species of ants in the state of Massachusetts alone but here are some of the more commonly found species that might plague your home:

The pavement ant is small and black and is a species of ant found throughout the Northeast. You may see them mostly outdoors on dirt but they can also breed and nest within the walls of homes. A single home can contain up to 20 colonies of pavement ants, so this species can quickly become a nuisance.

Odorous house ants are dark in color and produce a pungent smell when crushed. The nests remain mostly outdoors but they’ll often come indoors to search for food, which is usually sugary. It is one of the most common species in North America.

Carpenter ants are common in Massachusetts and are the most likely to enter homes. They’re large, black and the Queens can measure up to 18mm in size. This species of ant will carve out a nest in wood and can cause significant damage to homes as a result.

Additional species such as Pharaoh ants, Thief ants, and Field ants can cause enormous annoyance to home owners in Massachusetts, particularly if there is an infestation.

Identifying Ant Species

Identifying an ant species can be a difficult task. They can all look similar in size and colour and it takes expertise to be able to accurately differentiate them. Generally speaking, ant identification is best left to a qualified professional due to the various species available and the varying level of danger they caries.

If you notice an ant infestation, first identify the location of the nest. This is where the majority of pests originate. You should also take notice of things like the colour of the ant, the number of ants, and the size of the colony. This will all help in determining the species of ant which can assist the pest control expert in asserting which control strategies will work best.

Ant Control

Once you know the location of the nest and have identified the species of ant, it is time to determine an appropriate ant control strategy. The best way to get rid of ants is to use an Integrated Pest Management approach. This type of approach, also known as IPM, uses a variety of strategies to provide an effective solution in controlling the population of the ant infestation with minimal use of pesticides.

One method of ant control that F&W Pest Control relies heavily on is monitoring. This involves checking the home for signs of ant infestation and working to find out what kind of ants are present. By understanding the behavior of the ants and the trajectory of their colony, it is possible to work out the best strategies to eradicate the ants and ensure they do not return.

Another effective method for ant control is baiting. Baiting is exactly what it sounds like. Pest control experts will use specially designed baits that the ants will feed on to weaken the colony. The effectiveness of a bait often depends on the ant species in question, so having a good understanding of the species of ant is essential.

Aside from monitoring and baiting, other methods might be used to control ants. F&W Pest Control can provide further advice on these methods and recommend the best ones for specific ant species. Be sure to contact us for more information.


Ants can become a nuisance in the home but the good news is that it is possible to control their population. It is important to understand the species of ant and where their nests are located and using Integrated Pest Management techniques such as monitoring and baiting, an effective solution can be achieved. If you’re having an ant problem in Swampscott, MA, do not hesitate to get in touch with F&W Pest Control for assistance. We are also more than happy to discuss any questions you may have.

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