Getting Rid Of Fleas In Tewksbury, MA – Tips For Homeowners

Flea Removal

Tewksbury, MA homeowners who have experienced a flea infestation know how troublesome this pest problem can be. The fleas are not only an annoying presence in the home, but they can also carry diseases. Getting rid of fleas in Tewksbury, MA is no easy task, but with the right tips, it can be done more effectively.

First, it’s important to understand how fleas work and the steps necessary to eradicate them. Fleas have four life stages and must be killed in all life stages to get rid of them. That means adult fleas, eggs, larvae and pupa all must be addressed when flea treatment is occurring. To remove fleas from a Tewksbury home, there are several steps to follow.

One of the first steps to successful flea elimination is to make sure your pet has flea medication. This may look different if you have a cat compared to a dog, so consult with your veterinarian to find the best flea medication product. Take the time to inspect your pet for fleas, eggs, and larvae. If any pest is found, the pet should be treated with medication and groomed to remove any fleas, larvae, and eggs that you can find.

It’s important to also learn how to clean for fleas. Vacuuming carpets, sofas, and other surfaces is key to picking them up. The vacuum bag should be disposed of outside since it now may contain flea eggs. Even after vacuuming, one should wash bedding, sheets, clothes, and pet’s beds to make sure no fleas remain. Items should also be dried on the hottest temperature possible. Don’t forget to vacuum furniture such as pet beds and sofas or recliners, paying particular attention to the lower edges.

Using insecticides may be necessary in order to kill all life stages of fleas. Not to worry, products are available to kill these pests. Professional exterminators can also come to your home and apply the necessary products to rid your home of fleas. These pest control experts may employ baiting strategies, too. Baiting stations can be used to target and eliminate fleas from your home.

Fleas are a common pest problem in Tewksbury, MA, but with the right steps, they don’t have to remain. Following these tips and considering professional pest control services can help homeowners fully get rid of fleas in their home and put their minds at ease. Welcome to F&W Pest Control, we provide comprehensive flea control services as part of our general pest control services. We provide expert services for all your pest needs. Our experienced technicians use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and a full array of services to develop a tailored pest control plan based on your individual needs. So, let the professionals keep your house free of fleas for good. Contact us for your flea removal today!

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