Getting Rid Of Wasps In Southborough, Massachusetts: A Complete Guide

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Are you dealing with a wasp infestation in Southborough, MA? Attempting to get rid of wasps can be quite the nuisance, especially if you’re not sure how to properly eliminate them. You don’t want to cause harm to your family or to the environment, but you also don’t want to deal with the continued annoyance of their stingers! Here’s a comprehensive guide from F&W pest control that outlines a variety of processes that will help you to efficiently and effectively get rid of wasps without causing harm to anyone.

What Kind of Wasps are Living in Southborough?

The first step in formulating a plan to get rid of wasps is to figure out what kind of wasps are on your property. Different hornet species are more aggressive than others, so it’s important to be able to properly identify which type of wasp you’re dealing with. Common species in Southborough include European hornets, paper wasps, and yellowjackets.

Identifying these wasps can help you narrow down the best way to effectively get rid of them. European hornets can typically be recognized by their brown color, large size, and yellow stripes. Paper wasps are usually slender in appearance with dark brown and yellow bodies and yellow legs. And lastly, yellowjackets are typically small and have bright yellow and black bodies. Once you’ve identified which kind of wasp you’re dealing with, you’ll be able to more easily determine which removal methods are best.

How to Get Rid of Wasps in Southborough

When it comes to wasp removal, it’s best to start out with the least invasive methods before progressing to more extreme measures. Here are some of the most common methods of effective wasp removal:

1. DIY Wasp Repellents: If you’re looking for a more natural and less risky approach to wasp removal, there are a few DIY methods you can try. These include using a mixture of water and dish detergent sprayed directly on the wasp nest, or hanging a piece of fabric soaked in vinegar near the nest.

2. Professional Wasp Repellent Products: If you’d rather go the professional route, there are a variety of products out there made specifically for wasp removal. These usually come in sprays or aerosols, and contain powerful concentrated ingredients that can effectively tackle persistent wasp infestations.

3. Hiring a Professional Exterminator: If DIY methods and store-bought products aren’t yielding the results you want, then it may be time to bring in the pros. Professional exterminators have the experience and resources to properly take care of wasp infestations, and can do so in a manner that won’t cause harm to your family or the environment.

What are the Best Practices for Wasp Removal?

No matter which approach you take to get rid of wasps, there are a few key tips to keep in mind for your own safety:

? Always wear protective clothing, such as long pants, long sleeves and gloves, when going out to investigate a wasp nest or spray repellent on one.

? Avoid attempting to remove a nest if you’re allergic to wasp stings.

? Keep an eye out for any possible hives or nests before you start spraying so you don’t risk spreading products to unintended places.

? Never bother or try to destroy a wasp nest on your own, especially if it’s inside or near your home.

? Even after all the wasps have gone, wait at least a few days before approaching the nest to make sure all wasps are gone and not still lurking around.

? Wear insect repellant when you’re outside, especially if you’ll be in areas where wasp activity is known to be high.


Getting rid of wasps can be a tricky and daunting process, so it’s important to be educated and informed on the best practices. With the right information and experience, you can confidently and effectively get rid of wasps from your property without putting your family or the environment at risk. Now that you know more about common wasp species, effective removal methods, and safety tips, you’ll be able to tackle your wasp problem with ease. For any large infestations or severe cases, it’s always best to rely on a professional exterminator. Good luck!

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