Getting The Lowdown On Termite Tube Infestations In Sudbury, MA

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When a homeowner notices small mud tubes (termite tubes) around their property it can cause confusion and worry. Underneath those mud tubes is an infestation of termites that could leave your property in dire need of repair. In the town of Sudbury, MA, homeowners are well aware of termite tube infestations and the damage they can cause but many still have questions about how to effectively deal with them.

As a leading provider of MA pest control services in Sudbury, F&W Pest Control has the expertise to help you tackle termite tube infestations. This article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions we have received regarding termite tube infestations in Sudbury.

What are termite tubes and what do they look like?

Termite tubes are mud tubes that are made by subterranean termites to make their way up from the ground into your property. These tubes are made from bits of wood, soil, and saliva and can be found around your foundation, in or around tree stumps, and other areas where the ground meets your property. Actual termite tubes can look different depending on the make of the structure they’re exploring, but all tubes are made up of sticky tubes and will have debris in them. Preference is given to smaller cavities between floors that are dense with insulation and/or wood, so if you locate tubes in these places, it’s likely that termites are present.

How can you tell if the termite tubes are active?

Termite tubes don’t last forever. If an infestation is active, you’ll know by the continuous repair of the mud tubes. The mud tubes will often have patches of recent mud, meaning the infestation is still relevant and active. In most cases, a thorough inspection of the structure is needed to make sure the infestation is contained.

How can homeowners prevent termite tubes from appearing?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to completely prevent termite tubes from appearing. That said, there are steps that you can take to prevent them from infesting your property. These steps include:

? Keeping an eye on your foundation for signs of termite tubes or other mud-like constructions.

? Routinely inspecting your property for any signs of termite activity.

? Making sure all cracks and other entry points are sealed up tightly.

? Keeping trees and shrubs far away from your foundation to reduce their access points.

? Regularly cleaning and treating your gutters and downspouts to prevent water-based infestations from occurring.

? Investing in a professional home inspection at least once a year to ensure any termite activity is identified early on.

What kind of damage do termite tubes cause?

Termite tubes cause serious structural damage that is often hard to repair. Once they’ve gained access to the interior of the structure, termites can damage walls, ceilings, and floors. The damage is often most prominent around windows and door frames. If left untreated, the damage can become extensive, making repairs difficult and expensive.

What is the best way to get rid of termite tubes?

The best way to get rid of termite tubes is to contact a professional pest control service. F&W Pest Control has the experience and expertise to remove termite tubes safely and effectively. We utilize integrated pest management techniques that ensure minimal use of chemicals, allowing us to provide optimal pest elimination with minimal environmental harm.

After the termite tubes have been removed, it’s important to take preventative measures to ensure that termites don’t return. These measure can include addressing water leaks and other sources of moisture, patching drainage issues, and periodically inspecting your foundation for termite tubes and other signs of infestation.


Termite tubes can be the sign of a serious pest infestation that can cause costly damage to your property. Understanding how to identify and deal with them is the first step to protecting your home from an infestation. If you’re in the Sudbury, MA area, contact F&W Pest Control to learn more about how we can help. We’ll provide comprehensive pest control services and keep your home safe from termites on an on-going basis.

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