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With the changing climate, pests are becoming increasingly common in Massachusetts, from mosquitoes to mice, and even bed bugs. Luckily, homeowners living in Bridgewater can rely on trusted professionals like F&W Pest Control to keep their homes free from unwanted critters. The team of experts at F&W offers integrated pest management services tailored to each property’s specific pest control needs. This article explores the top 10 things to consider regarding pest management in Bridgewater, MA, and how F&W can help keep homes clean and pest-free.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a comprehensive approach to pest control that uses a combination of practices to minimize pest infestation and damage. This approach emphasizes preventive measures, such as monitoring and sanitation, as well as cultural, biological, and mechanical controls and, if needed, minimal use of targeted insecticides to eliminate and manage pests. F&W Pest Control employs this highly effective technique to safely and effectively protect homes from pests in Bridgewater and far beyond.

Top 10 Things to Consider Regarding Pest Management in Bridgewater, Massachusetts

1. Identify the Pests: The first step to successful pest control is determining which pests are present and where they are most active. F&W can help identify any signs of pests in the home and conduct an in-depth inspection to detect the pests? nests and entry points.

2. Monitor and Exclude: Once the pests have been identified, it is essential to monitor their activity. This helps determine the most effective type of control to implement and the areas where these controls need to be implemented. F&W uses exclusion techniques to keep new pests out and away from the home.

3. Clean Up and Dispose: Regularly cleaning up around the home can help reduce the risk of pests showing up. F&W can provide advice on the proper way of disposing of any potential pest attractants, as well as any materials or objects in the yard that may be harboring pests.

4. Choose the Right Pesticides: Certain types of chemicals can be used to control and eliminate pests. However, it is essential to determine the right product to use to ensure effective results and minimal environmental impact. When necessary, F&W uses pesticides that are designed not only to kill unwanted pests but to also minimize any potential harm to the environment.

5. Remove Breeding Sites: Pests tend to breed in locations where there is plenty of food, water, and shelter. Having the proper sanitation measures in place, such as disposing of food scraps and keeping the home dry and clean, can help reduce the chance of pest infestations.

6. Seal Entry Points: To prevent new pests from entering the home, it is important to inspect the home for any cracks or gaps in the walls, doors, windows, and foundation that could serve as entry points. F&W can seal off these points of entry to keep unwanted pests out.

7. Manage Outside Sources: Pests can come from outside sources like neighbors or landscaping. F&W can help manage these outside sources, such as removing rotting wood or overgrown vegetation, to keep pests away from your home.

8. Get Professional Help: It is always best to seek professional help, such as F&W Pest Control, when tackling pest problems. A professional can identify the exact type of pest and determine the best type of course of action to take to control and eliminate it safely and efficiently.

9. Use Sticky Traps: Sticky traps are an important tool in pest control and can be used to monitor and trap a variety of pests. F&W can help you set up and maintain these traps to help detect any potential pests before a full-blown infestation occurs.

10. Implement Long-term Solutions: Finally, it is critical to implement long-term solutions to keep pests from returning. F&W can provide advice on a regular pest control program that will meet the specific needs of each property. The team can also provide additional advice on how to safeguard the home from future pest invasions.


Pests are a common problem in Massachusetts, but they don’t have to take over homes in Bridgewater. By following the top 10 tips listed, homeowners living in the area can be sure to enlist the help of trusted professionals like F&W Pest Control to keep their homes free from unwanted critters. F&W’s integrated pest management approach (IPM) provides the professional quality you need with the environmentally responsible quality of a DIY approach. Trust the expert exterminators at F&W to get rid of your mosquitoes this season. Get a free quote to start debugging your space today.

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