How To Effectively Get Rid Of Wasps In Lexington, Massachusetts

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Wasps are unwelcome guests no matter where you are, but when an infestation is taking its toll on your Lexington Massachusetts home especially–it’s time to take swift action.

As an established pest control provider in MA, F&W Pest Control understands the urgency of getting rid of wasps quickly and safely. Our integrated pest control services (IPM) include best practices for modern wasp extermination to efficiently restore your home or business to its former pest-free state.

No two wasp infestations are identical, and choosing the right strategy is key to a successful wasp-removal process. In this article, we’ll provide guidance on the most effective ways to identify and eliminate wasps in Lexington to regain your peace of mind.

What Qualifies as an Infestation?

An infestation is usually characterized by a persistent presence of wasps after a period of time. In some cases, visible nests may have already been created and are occupied with a sizeable number of wasps. Wasps are drawn to standing water, open containers of food and sweet smells, so it’s important to be aware of these attractive points.

Inspecting the Problem

Before proceeding with a plan of action for extermination, perform a thorough inspection to identify the type of wasps present in your home, as different species call for different treatments and requires specialized equipment due to varying habits.

Inspections are best left to the specialists, and F&W Pest Control’s experienced technicians carry high-powered torches and special insect-trapping materials for up-close observation. Our team works to determine the extent of the infestation and provide a customized plan of action for removal.

Identifying Wasps

Accurately differentiating wasp species is the first step of efficient removal and requires an attentive eye. Generally, wasps are categorized as vespinae (such as European or paper wasps) or crabronidae, and their behavior and characteristics vary between each type. Knowing what you’re dealing with makes choosing the best treatment a lot easier.

Although difficult to distinguish without the help of an experienced exterminator, here are a few basics on the most familiar wasp-types:

? European Wasps: Also known as yellow jackets, these are among the most common wasps in the US. They usually have a yellow-black striped abdomen, and their nests tend to be papery and rounded.

? Paper Wasps: Easily identified by their thin, long bodies with orange and brown stripes or black and yellow stripes, paper wasps often build round nests with open-woven cells under the eaves of buildings.

? Cicada Killers: Considered a particularly destructive species, cicada killers are the largest type of wasp in North America. These have orange or yellow markings, and can be distinguished by their black, hairy bodies and long wings.

? Bald faced Hornets: These have a white and black patterned face, and are usually much larger than other wasp types – with an abdominal circumference of a half an inch or more.

Strategies to Get Rid of Wasps

DIY wasp extermination is always possible, but due to the unpredictability and potential hazards of working with wasps, this is not without risk. It’s vital to consider the severity of the infestation before attempting any kind of removal on your own.

F&W Pest Control’s approach to wasp removal involves trapping initial wasp populations, baiting nests to decrease the presence of wasps, and eliminating any underlying conditions that make a property attractive to wasps (such as exposed garbage). Our services also feature nest removal if necessary, using specialized equipment to safely capture winged intruders.

Keeping Wasp-Free

Once the extermination process is underway, the last step is to avoid any more the return of wasps. This includes taking preventative measures, such a trapping and monitoring of wasp nests, sealing areas where wasps and other pests might enter, as well as eliminating fungal rot and other sources of attraction for wasps.

To guarantee effective wasp exclusion and minimize the chance of future infestations, we work closely with clients to find the right strategies and supplies. Our team also offers professional extermination services to ensure your property’s preservation and well-being.


Wasps are pesky pests and getting rid of them quickly and safely is of utmost importance for your home or business in Lexington, MA. To get the most comprehensive and accurate wasp removal services available, choose the specialists at F&W Pest Control. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach provides professional quality and environmentally responsible service, to guarantee the best wasp removal services in the area.

F&W’s integrated pest management approach (IPM) provides the professional quality you need with the environmentally responsible quality of a DIY approach. Trust the expert exterminators at F&W to get rid of your mosquitoes this season. Get a free quote to start debugging your space today.

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