How To Effectively Handle A Spider Infestation In Wilmington, Massachusetts

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When it comes to taking care of infestation of spiders in the home, homeowners in the town of Wilmington, Massachusetts have no shortage of choices. Whether it’s chemical-based treatments or natural techniques, there are many ways to control the populations of spiders in and around the home. However, many people do not consider all the facets of this issue when evaluating how to handle their spider infestation. From the team of experts at F&W Pest Control, here are some key points to consider when dealing with a spider infestation in the Wilmington area.

Background of Wilmington Spiders

Massachusetts is home to many different species of spiders. Most spider species are harmless, but certain types of spiders, such as the Black Widow, can be dangerous if they are not removed from the area. As far as the town of Wilmington goes, there are three common species of spiders found within the area – the common house spider, the wolf spider and the sac spider. These species are, for the most part, harmless to humans, but their presence can still be a nuisance for many homeowners.

Evaluating the Environment

The first step to successfully controlling a spider population in your home is to evaluate the environment which the spiders are in. This means looking for food sources, harborage areas and potential structural problems in the home which could be promoting the infestation. If the spiders are found in areas with food sources or harborage areas such as in laundry rooms, basements, or other hidden, moist areas, then the homeowner should take steps to clean up these areas and limit the spiders access to food and shelter.

In most cases, spiders enter homes and buildings through small openings or cracks in the walls, foundation, or roof. These cracks and holes can be sealed to prevent further infestation, and can also be treated with insecticides or pesticides to help ward off further spider activity.

Utilizing Organic Solutions

Once the environmental conditions that allow for spider infestation are addressed, other measures can be taken to control the spiders? populations. Organic solutions such as essential oil spray and citrus oil spray can be used to create a barrier which keeps spiders away from the area. Additionally, using sticky traps or airtight containers to capture spiders in specific areas of the home can be effective in reducing infestations.

Chemical Treatment

It is important to note that some spider species are resistant to organic solutions, and in these cases chemical treatments may be necessary. For these cases, it is important to contact a professional pest control expert such as F&W Pest Control to ensure the spiders are controlled in the most effective and safe way possible.


As you can see, there are many considerations when it comes to effectively dealing with a spider infestation in Wilmington, Massachusetts. From evaluating the environment that the spiders are in, to utilizing organic or chemical solutions, homeowners must consider all of these steps to successfully and safely control spider populations. By working with a professional pest control expert, such as F&W Pest Control, you can ensure that your spider infestation is eliminated in the most effective and safe manner, while also reducing the risk of health hazards.

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