How To Fix A Mouse Hole In Drywall In Acton, Massachusetts

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Having a pesky mouse problem in the house is one of the most common issues people have when dealing with pests in Massachusetts. Even in the quiet suburban town of Acton, people are dealing with the struggles of keeping mice out of their homes. If you happen to find a small entryway where mice are getting into your home, you’ll be grateful to learn that fixing the problem can be easy and cost-efficient. With the right plan of attack and the right materials, you’ll be able to put a stop to the mouse problem quickly and effectively, giving you and your family some much needed peace of mind.

Identifying Mouse Entry Points in Acton

Before you can begin the repair process, you’ll need to first identify where the mice are gaining access to your home. Don’t be surprised if the points of entry are quite small ? mice can squeeze through openings as small as an inch in diameter. Since they are so small, mice tend to favor holes around doors and windows where the seams where the frames meet the wall meet the wall. Inspect any door or windows for any signs of loose mortar or other breaches in the seal.

In some cases, the mice may also be getting in through cracks in the wall or in the drywall itself. This is particularly true if the wall is older, as the plaster or drywall may have deteriorated over time, creating an opening the mice can snag or squeeze through. To check for entry points in the wall, look for any small holes ? bigger than would be expected for nail holes from pictures or paintings, but smaller than cracks or openings from major structural damage. Even if the hole doesn’t look big enough for a mouse, remember that mice can often squeeze through very tight spaces.

Fixing the Mice Problem with Drywall Repairs

Once you have located where the mouse is entering the home, you’ll need to find a way patch the hole and keep the pests out. The most straightforward option is to fill the hole with drywall. To do this, you’ll need to get some drywall patch material, typically found at any home improvement store. The patch material will come with a block of drywall, along with some screws and adhesive. Using the screws, you’ll want to attach the patch to the wall or drywall, then fill the hole with a patch of compound (usually provided with the patch).

Use a spackling knife to smooth the compound and make sure the patch is covered with a thin layer. Once the patch is dry, you’ll need to add another layer of compound or spackling paste to help make the patch blend in with the rest of the wall or drywall and make sure the patch looks natural.

Other Options for Mice Mode of Entry Repairs

Besides drywall patches, you may also want to consider other types of repairs when dealing with mouse entry points in your home. Steel wool, for example, is often used to plug mouse holes, as it is strong enough to keep most mice out of the house. It also makes a great filler for smaller holes. You could also consider using mortar or concrete to fill in mouse holes. This is a popular option for plugged in larger mouse-sized holes.

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