How To Handle Flying Ants In Belmont, Massachusetts

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Tackling a flying ant infestation in Belmont, Massachusetts can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and knowledge, you can control flying ant populations before they become an issue, saving you time, money, and hassle. The team at F&W Pest Control has the expertise to help you get your flying ant problem under control. Below, we’ve compiled a comprehensive overview of the strategies you should consider when dealing with flying ants in Belmont, Massachusetts.

What Are Flying Ants in Belmont, Massachusetts?

Flying ants typically appear in households during the summer months and usually enter homes in search of food, water, and shelter. These winged ant pests vary greatly in size and can be classified by a variety of characteristics including their coloration and behavior.

Constituents of flying ant infestations in Belmont, Massachusetts include carpenter ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, and pharaoh ants ? all of which look very similar in color and size. The most reliable method of identification is to observe the nest.

What Causes Flying Ant Infestations in Belmont, Massachusetts?

The primary cause of flying ant infestations is good old fashioned food. Flying insects, such as carpenter ants and pavement ants, are attracted to kitchen scraps and food spills. Once they establish a food source, they quickly reproduce and expand their nest.

Also, over-the-counter pest control products are often ineffective against flying ant infestations. When these products fail, it’s an indication that the infestation has become too large to control yourself and it’s time to call in an experienced pest control service.

What to Look For When Dealing With Flying Ants in Belmont, Massachusetts

Belmont, Massachusetts is home to a variety of winged ant species. Each species produces its own unique tell-tale signs, behaviors, and damage. Here are the most common flying ant issues you may encounter in Belmont, Massachusetts:

Carpenter Ants: These ants create small, round exit holes in wood as they construct their nests. They’re generally found near sources of wood, like furniture, baseboards, and floor joists.

Odorous House Ants: These ants enter homes looking for food and water and tend to take over an entire structure. They prefer moist, dark areas, and often congregate in shower stalls and beneath sinks.

Pavement Ants: These ants can form enormous nest colonies, sometimes containing more than 40,000 individuals. They feed on organic materials like grease, insect bodies, and food scraps, and often establish multiple nests in and around buildings.

Pharaoh Ants: These ants are incredibly difficult to get rid of because they’re so small and can quickly move from one area to another. Pharaoh ants are attracted to warmth and tend to nest in the backs of electrical outlets and appliances.

10 Things to Consider When Dealing With Flying Ants in Belmont, Massachusetts

1. Insecticide aerosol sprays

Insecticide aerosol sprays are a cost-effective and efficient way to control flying ant populations. Depending on the species, insecticide aerosols can be used to break the lifecycle, eliminating adults, larvae, and eggs.

2. Successful insecticide application

Effective insecticide application requires skill and experience. A professional exterminator in Belmont, Massachusetts can provide the necessary expertise and knowledge for the most successful insecticide application possible.

3. Baits

Baits are a great way to attract and control local flying ant populations. Professional pest control services in Belmont, Massachusetts can recommend the right baits for your specific situation or use insecticide-infused baits for more challenging situations.

4. Ant-proofing

Ant-proofing involves identifying and addressing the points of access that ants use to gain access to your property. A professional pest control expert can inspect your property and suggest ant-proofing measures to help protect against future invasions.

5. Prevention

Preventing future infestations requires the ability to anticipate and understand the habits of different ant species. Professional pest control services in Belmont, Massachusetts can provide you with the strategies you need to keep ants out of your home.

6. Habitat control

Ants will typically nest in areas close to food sources. To eliminate the possibility of future ant infestations, you’ll need to control the habitat around your property. A professional pest control expert in Belmont, Massachusetts can provide the guidance you need to create a safer living environment.

7. Monitoring

It’s important to check your property periodically for signs of ant activity. Professional pest control services in Belmont, Massachusetts can provide regular monitoring services to ensure that you’re aware of any changes that could pose a risk to you or your property.

8. Treatment

When it comes to treating infestations, the approach you use will depend on the type and severity of the infestation. Professional pest control services in Belmont, Massachusetts can recommend treatments to quickly and effectively eliminate an existing infestation, as well as prevent future infestations.

9. Chemical treatments

Chemical treatments are most effective in the early stages of an infestation. Proper application requires skill and experience, so a professional pest control expert should be consulted.

10. Follow-up

It’s important to follow up after an ant problem has been treated. Professional pest control services in Belmont, Massachusetts can recommend follow-up treatments to ensure that your home remains protected.


Tackling a flying ant infestation in Belmont, Massachusetts can be a difficult and overwhelming task. With the right tools and the help of a trusted and experienced pest control service, however, you can easily control and prevent future infestations. At F&W Pest Control, we have the expertise and expertise to help you get your flying ant problem under control. Our integrated pest management approach (IPM) provides the professional quality you need with the environmentally responsible quality of a DIY approach. Trust the expert exterminators at F&W to get rid of your mosquitoes this season. Get a free quote to start debugging your space today.

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