Keeping Your Home Pest Free: Top 10 Things To Consider For Needham, Massachusetts

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When living in any area, it is important to keep your home free of pests. This especially holds true in Needham, Massachusetts, where there are a variety of pests that require different treatments. Knowing what to expect and how to protect your home is essential to keeping your property pest-free. To help you on this mission, F&W Pest Control offers the top ten things to consider when it comes to pest management in Needham, Massachusetts.

Background on Needham, Massachusetts

Needham is a town located in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. It is known for its vibrant town centers, excellent public schools, and historic heritage. With a population of 28,886 people, there is no shortage of people looking to call Needham their home. And with that population, comes a need to protect the town from pests, both inside and outside of one’s home.

1. Identify and Inspect for Pests Regularly

Identifying and inspecting for pests is the first and most important step. Keep your eyes peeled for signs of pest infestations such as droppings, nests, and odors. Sometimes, the damage or signs of pests can be hard to see, so it is important to use a flashlight or magnifying glass to thoroughly inspect your home and surrounding areas. Also, take note of the time of year when you are seeing certain pests. This can indicate why and how certain pests are entering your home.

2. Learn the Common Pests for Needham

Knowledge is power when it comes to pest control. Learning about the common pests in Needham is the best way to protect your property and help to prevent future infestations. Some common pests to be on the lookout for in the area include carpenter ants, rodents, stink bugs, and bed bugs.

3. Prevention is Key

Prevention is key when it comes to keeping your home free of pests. Make sure that all windows, doors, and access points are properly sealed, and that you don’t leave food, water, or other materials accessible to pests.

4. Remove Attractants

Remove any standing water, decaying logs, piles of leaves, and other debris that could be attractive to pests. Check both the interior and exterior of your home for potential attractants.

5. Clean Up

Make sure to keep your home and yard clean. Regularly remove garbage and any standing water, and clean up messes and spills as soon as they happen.

6. Keep Your Home Structurally Sound

Check the foundation and walls of your house for any cracks or holes that could be giving pests access to your home. If you find any, seal them up with caulk.

7. Store Food Properly

Food should be stored in tightly sealed containers or stored in the refrigerator. You should also routinely vacuum and sweep your home to remove any stray crumbs that could attract pests.

8. Prune Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs should be kept pruned and away from the walls and roof of your home. This will help to prevent pests from using them as a bridge to get into your home.

9. Inspect for Termites

Termites can be extremely destructive, so it is important to inspect for termites regularly. Be sure to look for wood that sounds hollow, as well as signs of winged insects near windows or air vents. If you notice these signs, call an experienced pest management professional immediately.

10. Consider Professional Pest Control Services

If all else fails, consider professional pest control services. An experienced professional can assess the extent of the issue and determine whether or not you need professional help to get rid of troublesome pests. They can also recommend the best treatments to use in order to get the job done.


Living in Needham, Massachusetts has its benefits, but it also requires a certain level of vigilance when it comes to pest control. By following the above tips and consulting with a professional pest management company, you can help to protect your home and keep it pest-free. F&W Pest Control offers a broad spectrum of MA pest control including general pest control services, wildlife removal and termite control, and our offices in Wrentham, MA, Framingham, MA, Peabody, MA, and Kingston, MA serve all of eastern Massachusetts. Contact us to explore pest control programs available for your property.

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