Managing Pests In Massachusetts: The Pest Control Tips Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

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Whether you’re a homeowner in Mansfield, Massachusetts, or any other part of New England for that matter, chances are you’ve experienced a pest infestation of some kind or another. As a local home owner, you may already know the basics of pest control. But there are potentially even more effective solutions available to you than the standard pesticide treatments and traditional traps. To begin truly effective pest management in Massachusetts, you must first understand the specific pest situation and then take the appropriate steps to address it. Here, F&W Pest Control will walk you through some of the important pest control tips that home owners should know and consider when evaluating their pest management options.

Identifying Your Pest Problem

Before you can choose the best pest control strategy in Massachusetts, it is important to accurately identify the type and severity of the pest infestation. A complete assessment of your home or business should include an inspection of all possible entry points, structural damage, and areas of pest activity. To help make identification easier, F&W Pest Control offers free, comprehensive inspections, even for new customers. During the inspection, our experienced technicians use advanced detection instruments to diagnose the source of your infestation and can advise accordingly on the appropriate solutions to address the problem.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Once a pest problem has been identified, integrated pest management, or IPM, can be employed to help resolve the issue. An IPM plan quickly stops any current infestations, prevents new ones in the future, and does all of this in an environmentally safe and responsible way. It combines multiple pest-control methods and concepts, such as exclusion, repellent technology, installation of insect traps, sanitation, and appropriate use of pesticides or other treatments. To ensure the safety and health of your family, pets, and property, all suggested treatments are designed to be as non-toxic as possible and do not leave any damaging residue behind.

Prevention is Key

The most effective way to take control of a pest problem is to take steps to prevent pests from entering your home or place of business in the first place. Clean, seal, and maintain all entry points from around the outside of your home or business to prevent access for flying insects, rodents, and other pests. As part of your pest control plan, you should also make sure that any debris and clutter around your property is regularly cleared away to reduce inviting pest habitats and breeding grounds.

The Benefits of Partnering with F&W Pest Control

Partnering with an experienced pest control expert such as F&W Pest Control, can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home or business is being well taken care of. Our team of experienced pest control professionals utilizes the most advanced, environmentally-friendly treatments available in order to safely and effectively keep pests out of your home or business. We have programs for pest control in Massachusetts available for all types of commercial businesses and homes such as single family homes, multi family units, condos, apartments. Our services are tailored to your specific pest control needs whether you are looking for a one time service or year round protection.


For those in Mansfield, Massachusetts, or any other part of New England, the importance of pest control is nothing new. However, it is essential to not only be aware of traditional pest control methods, but to also seek newer, more environmentally friendly approaches, such as integrated pest management (IPM), that address the underlying causes of the infestation instead of just treating the symptoms. Partnering with a professional pest control company such as F&W Pest Control can help you implement environmentally safe and responsible solutions with minimal use of pesticides that will protect your family or workers, as well as your property. F&W’s integrated pest management approach (IPM) provides the professional quality you need with the environmentally responsible quality of a DIY approach. Trust the expert exterminators at F&W to get rid of your mosquitoes this season. Get a free quote to start debugging your space today.

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