Mice Don’T Have To Invade Your Melrose Home With Mothball Repellent

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Homeowners in the Melrose, Massachusetts area are all too familiar with the nuisance caused by mice and other rodents. Pests can cause a great deal of damage, and even pose a health risk. Thankfully, there are several methods of rodent control available, including using natural repellents, such as moth balls.

Mothballs are small balls of wax that contain pyrthione (naphthalene), a chemical that contains a strong odor. When the balls are exposed to air, the smell of the pyrthione is released and can be used to repel mice and other rodents. Mothballs are also effective in eliminating insects, such as fleas and moths, and can be used in areas with a high concentration of mice or other pests.

When using mothballs to repel mice, it is important to keep in mind that the chemical is toxic and must be used with caution. It is recommended to never use more than four mothballs in one area, as the chemical can be dangerous if inhaled. The fumes can be toxic, and should not be breathed in for extended periods of time.

It is also important to note that mothballs are not a permanent solution. The chemical will eventually wear out, and mice and other rodents will eventually start to return. It is important to use other methods of extermination to keep any new rodents from entering your home, such as traps and baits.

Mothballs are just one solution for mice and other rodents in the Melrose area. When used correctly, mothballs can be effective in repelling some of the pests that come with living in this part of the country. However, it is important to remember that mothballs are not a permanent solution, and should be combined with other methods of extermination to make sure the rodents stay away.

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