Newly Discovered Poisonous Spider In Melrose, MA: Is Pest Control Necessary?

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The town of Melrose, Massachusetts was recently put on alert over the discovery of a new species of poisonous spider. The spider has been observed near residential areas, prompting fears that they may have already made their way into homes throughout the city. Residents are now looking for answers on if they should seek professional pest control to help manage the new pest. This article will look at the spider, how to identify it, the potential issues it can bring, and if a pest control professional should be contacted.

What Is the New Spider?

The spider is a member of the families Scytodidae and Gnaphosidae and is believed to have originated in South America before making its way up to Massachusetts. It has a reddish-brown color and is around the same size as a pencil eraser. The spider is able to generate small amounts of venom which is strong enough to cause skin irritation and, in some cases, more serious illnesses and complications.

The Risks and Dangers of the Spider

Though most bites from the spider are not serious, they can have more severe symptoms if the individual is allergic, particularly to the venom. Symptoms may include increased heart rate, muscle cramps, rash, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and other respiratory issues. If more serious symptoms present, an immediate visit to the hospital is needed. It is also important to note that regular exposure to the spider can potentially lead to an allergic reaction, so it is important to avoid them when possible.

Identifying and Preventing Infestations

The first step in determining if a pest control professional is needed is to correctly identify the spider. As the spider is similar in size and color to several other types of spiders, it is important to look for the unique characteristics that make it stand out. This includes the red markings and striped pattern along its body. If the spider is identified, then it is important to look for other signs of infestation. This can include webs around the home, spiders inside the home, or the presence of spider droppings inside the house.

Importance of Professional Pest Control

If any of these signs are seen, then it is important to contact a professional pest control service. This is due to the strength of the venom, as well as the potential for allergic reactions due to prolonged exposure. Professional pest control companies can provide effective treatments that can help rid the home of the spider and provide peace of mind that the issue has been taken care of. They can do this by using a combination of sprays, vacuuming, and other methods to safely and efficiently eliminate any spiders in the area.


The recent discovery of the new poisonous spider in Melrose, Massachusetts has put residents on alert and prompted many to consider professional pest control services. It is important to identify the spider correctly, look for signs of infestations, and contact a professional if necessary. This pest control professional can then effectively eliminate the spider from the home, ensuring that the home remains safe and free of any potentially dangerous spiders.

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