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Pest control is an important part of everyday life for homeowners in Westborough, MA. Unfortunately, many people don’t give the process of hiring professional pest control services the thought and consideration it deserves. Given that there are a multitude of choices available in terms of pest control services, it becomes paramount that homeowners do research and consult knowledgeable resources to ensure the best possible outcome. With that in mind, here is a comprehensive overview of what homeowners should consider when researching and selecting pest control services in Westborough, MA.


When evaluating pest control companies and selecting the best one for the job, homeowners should ensure they receive the best value for their dollar. Thus, researching a company’s background is essential. Check the Better Business Bureau page to see the ratings and complaints registered against the company. If possible, try and get referrals from people who have used a similar service in the past. Besides logistically researching the company, it is also important to examine the methods they use and how they apply the pesticide.


One of the most important considerations when hiring a pest control company is the type and amount of pesticide they use. The potency of the pesticides employed should be checked to determine if they are safe and effective. The company should also explain how they will use the pesticide and provide safety instructions for its use. The amount of pesticide employed by the company should also be considered. A good pest control company should provide service recommendations that are tailored to the needs of the homeowner, so there is no need to apply more pesticide than what is necessary.


In addition to examining the pesticide-related aspects of a pest control company, homeowners should always double-check that the company follows an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan and protocol. IPM involves a set of pest management actions that encompass physical barriers, containment strategies, sanitation, and chemical control agents. By utilizing these strategies, the pest population can be reduced to safe levels while simultaneously protecting the environment and human health. Thus, it is important to find out if the company follows IPM guidelines. This will ensure that a safe, effective, and tailored pest control plan is implemented.


Before hiring a pest control company, check if they have a detailed service agreement. This agreement should explain the procedure and frequency of service, and should also include obligations and exclusions. Furthermore, ask if the company will provide a guarantee for its services. A good contractor should provide a warranty for their pest remedies for at least a year.


Finally, homeowners should always make sure that the pest control company is insured and carries the proper liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. If the pest control company is properly insured, any potential damages that occur during the treatment of the home will be covered. Furthermore, if any harm caused to or by the pest control worker occurs, the homeowner will remain free from any financial liability.


When looking for professional pest control services in Westborough, MA, homeowners should do an extensive amount of research to ensure they receive the most effective and safe treatments. The background of the company, the type of pesticide used, IPM implementation, contracts and insurance should all be taken into account when evaluating pest control services. At F&W Pest Control, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality service, products, and solutions to keep homeowners safe from unwanted pests. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive MA pest control services.

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