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Preventing Mice Infestations In Needham, MA: 10 Tips For Homeowners

Needham, MA is located in Norfolk County and has many homeowners who need to protect their homes from the risk of a mouse infestation. Mice are smart and hardy creatures that can sneak into even the most tightly-sealed homes. In order to stay one step ahead of these pesky invaders, Needham homeowners should consider the following 10 tips for preventing mouse infestations.

Check for Gaps

Mice are virtually able to squeeze through any gap in your home’s structure, no matter how small. That’s why it’s important to perform regular inspections for any potential entry points. Even gaps as small as ¼ inch can be a target for mice. Make sure to seal off any access points you find with a high-quality caulk.

Repair Screens

Mice can also get into your home through damaged screens on your windows and doors. Be sure to inspect your screen for tears or holes and replace any that are not in good condition.

eep Entryways Clean

Mice can get in through your front and back door if there is debris or clutter from delivery boxes, groceries, or other items that can provide them with easy access. Be sure to keep your entryways free of any potential obstacles.

Keep Ground Areas Tidy

Mice can also climb up into your home from the ground via utility pipes or other small access points. To discourage them, make sure to keep the area around your foundation clear of all vegetation and debris. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed and away from the walls.

Eliminate Hiding Places

Mice love to hide under objects like woodpiles, spools of wire, or other items around your property. Make sure to keep all of these items far from the house and trim any branches and bushes that could provide covering for mice.

Tidy the Garage

Garages are especially prone to mice infestations because of their numerous hiding places. Keep your garage clean and organized by storing tools and cleaning supplies in sealed containers.

Remove Food Sources

Mice are particularly attracted to food, especially if left in the open. To keep them away, make sure to store all food items, whether garbage, pet food, or kitchen scraps in tightly-sealed containers.

Repair Structural Damage

Check your foundation, attic, and other areas of your home for any structural damage that could provide mice with access points to the inside of your home. If you find any cracks or holes, be sure to repair them immediately.

Check Your Yard

Most mice travel in packs, so it’s important to check not only the exterior of your home but the yard as well. Look for piles of leaves or overgrown grass, as these provide the perfect hiding places for mice.

Consult a Professional

If you keep finding signs of mice on your property, it’s best to call a professional exterminator. The pest control experts at F&W Pest Control can provide home owners with a broad spectrum of MA pest control services, residential, commercial and industrial. Our team will assess the extent of the problem, determine what course of prevention is best, and recommend the most effective treatment.

By following these 10 tips for preventing mouse infestations in Needham, MA, homeowners can keep their homes and families safe. If despite all the preventive measures, you are still finding signs of mice, contact the experts at F&W Pest Control for the best solutions to fit your specific needs. So, keep up with these tips and stay ahead of the mice!

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