Protect Your Home From Pests – Dealing With Infestations In Swampscott, Massachusetts

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Living in the town of Swampscott Massachusetts has many benefits, such as living near the shore and being in the heart of great wildlife. Unfortunately, living in Massachusetts also can have some drawbacks, in the form of pest infestations. In the winter months, it’s natural for homeowners to consider where pests go during this cold time and how they can protect their home. This article will provide an understanding of the various types of pests, their behavior, where they go during the winter, and steps that residents can take to prevent and manage infestations.

Arthropods, Rodents, and Small Mammals

Arthropods such as spiders, insects, arachnids and centipedes, as well as small mammals like mice and rats, are all common in Massachusetts and can cause infestations if not controlled correctly. They generally take refuge outdoors in warmer months, but will seek shelter indoors as temperatures drop. During the winter, these pests gain entry to home by squeezing through small openings in the foundations and walls. This includes viewing vents, attic gables, gaps in window or door frames, and pipe entries. Once they are inside, they make nests and can cause significant damage to walls, pipes, wiring, and even stored items. To prevent and manage these types of infestations, residents should close off possible entry points, inspect items such as stored wood, and practice proper cleaning and waste management techniques.


Wildlife, such as raccoons, chipmunks, skunks, squirrels, and possums can also cause infestations. Wildlife is attracted to warmth and shelter, and they enter homes by pushing through any open spaces or weak spots they find. Homes with unsecured roofs, siding, foundation cracks, and other openings are at risk for winter infestations. In the wild, these animals prepare for winter by creating dens with multiple entry points. To manage and prevent infestations it is important to inspect the exterior of the home for any openings and to make sure it is properly sealed since wildlife can squeeze through even the smallest of spaces.


Birds can also be intrusive and can cause damage to both property and health. There are a variety of birds found in Massachusetts, including sparrows, geese, and woodpeckers. During the winter, birds will migrate south and seek refuge in the warmth of attics, barns, and other accessible places. To manage and prevent bird infestations, it is important to properly identify and block off places that birds can enter. Additionally, homeowners may want to consider an effective bird control and management system to keep the birds away.


Termites are one of the most destructive pests and, like other pests, they take refuge indoors to seek warmer conditions during the winter. Termites thrive in damp conditions, and colonies of these pests often form in basements, attics, and in crawl spaces near the foundation. If there is persistent moisture in these areas then termites will be even more likely to infest these areas. If there is an established termite infestation, the best management approach is to contact a pest control expert. A professional will be able to identify the type of termite and properly treat the area.


Pest infestations aren’t uncommon in Swampscott, Massachusetts. The combination of cold temperatures, damp conditions, and easy access to shelter makes homes and businesses especially vulnerable to a variety of pests. It’s important for residents to know the type of pest they’re dealing with, practice prevention techniques, and contact a professional if their efforts are unsuccessful. To get a better idea of the different types of pests common in Massachusetts, the services F&W Pest Control offers, as well as get tips on managing and preventing infestations, visit

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