Remove Carpenter Bees In Belmont, Massachusetts: 10 Things To Consider

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Carpenter bees, otherwise known as ?wood-boring bees,? are common in Massachusetts, and Belmont is no exception. From April through July, carpenter bee populations peak in the area, making it an even more frequent nuisance than normal. To keep your property and decor safe and ensure safe human interaction, carpenter bee removal is essential near Belmont.

Complete removal and prevention of carpenter bees is vital, as they continuously excavate galleries in your wood, sending long, straight, perfectly round tunnels through the wood’s surface. They cause more damage to wooden structures than termites, as well, and can harm the aesthetic of your home and siding, leading to further repair costs.

If carpenter bees are a problem near Belmont, MA, here are the top 10 things to consider when tackling removal:

1. Identify the Infestation

The first step in carpenter bee removal is identification. Carpenter bees are easily recognized for their loud buzzing noises while in flight and ?? entrance holes drilled in wood, leading to a larger, oval-shaped hole on the other end. These holes are approximately 1/2? deep and may be filled with sawdust or resin at the opening, depending on the species of carpenter bee.

2. Eliminate Food Sources

Carpenter bees are attracted to bare wood surfaces that are exposed to the sun, as it encourages male carpenter bees to mark their territory and female bees to ?drill and lay eggs.? To avoid an infestation, eliminate these exposed wood surfaces by painting, staining, and sealing them.

3. Seal Off Hives

Once an infestation has begun, it is important to seal off the hives as much as possible. This way, bees that are not killed by the treatment remain inside their hives, preventing them from creating new colonies and continuing the infestation.

4. Utilize Chemical Treatments

Insecticides are a common tool for carpenter bee removal, yet they can be hazardous if not properly used. Discussing the best chemical treatment options with a certified technician is the recommended approach.

5. Clean Up Residue

Carpenter bees secrete a strong pungent odor that is offensive to humans and other animals. To deter future infestations caused by the pungent smell, clean up the residue left behind after the removal process.

6. Investigate Weak Areas

In order to prevent future infestations, look for weak areas in the wood around your home or business such as posts, joists, and decks. These weak spots are often prone to future carpenter bee invasions, so extra caution must be taken in this area to prevent further issue.

7. Utilize Insecticide Foam

Insecticide foam (or aerosol) is best used in areas with high numbers of bee activity, as it quickly fills the hives and stops the carpenter bee colonies from growing.

8. Get Professional Support

DIY home pest control in Belmont, MA is an option, but partnering with a professional exterminator is always recommended, as they are experienced and fully certified in pest control and carpenter bee removal. This gives you the security that no area will be left out or forgotten.

9. Practice Prevention

The most effective way of preventing future infestations is prevention. Painting or treating wood, trimming thick shrubs, and avoiding cluttering up your property is a good place to start.

10. Have an Emergency Plan in Place

Finally, make sure to have an emergency plan in place in the event of a future carpenter bee infestation. This means knowing who to contact and having the necessary documents and information ready and accessible in the event of future issues.

For Belmont property owners dealing with carpenter bee infestations, the steps above are essential for complete removal and prevention. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable exterminator is the best way to go, as professionals can identify the exact species of carpenter bee, recommend the best pest control methods, and guarantee lasting control of the problem.

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