Ridding A Home In Westborough Of Gophers With Juicy Fruit Gum

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Gophers can be an unwelcome pest in any yard. Not only do they damage and destroy plants, trees, and flowers, but they also create mounds of dirt and weaken foundations. While many methods have been used to try to rid yards of pesky gophers, one inventive method has risen to the top: gum! Juicy Fruit Gum, to be exact. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Juicy Fruit Gum to get rid of gophers in Westborough, Massachusetts.

The unique quality of Juicy Fruit Gum is that it is both attractive to animals, including gophers, but it also has remarkable gopher-deterrent ability that is worth considering. The attractive portion comes from the natural fruit flavor and scent that attracts gophers. The deterrent portion is due to the sticky nature of the gum which becomes very difficult for the gophers to escape when they become stuck to it. As a gum, it also has the ability to stick to gophers, dirt, and plants, making it difficult for gophers to escape with it and even more difficult for them to make tunnels in soil.

The use of Juicy Fruit Gum brings with it advantages and disadvantages that must be carefully considered when evaluating potential gopher-removal solutions. For starters, Juicy Fruit Gum is available in stores and quite easy to acquire. It is a cost effective solution for a home owner in Westborough as it does not require specialist tools or complex installation processes.

On the other hand, Juicy Fruit Gum can only be effective at deterring gophers in a certain type of environment. For instance, Juicy Fruit Gum will not work as effectively in sandy and loamy soils than in rocky, compact soils. Additionally, if used in areas where there are already existing gopher mounds, Juicy Fruit Gum may stick to those mounds, further complicating the process.

The advantage of using Juicy Fruit Gum is that it is cost effective and it can provide an effective remedy for gophers. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable in all types of soil and may not have the desired result in certain soils. That being said, Juicy Fruit Gum is worth considering if you require gopher removal in Westborough, Massachusetts.

A home owner in Westborough should also be aware of the fact that Juicy Fruit Gum is not an approved method for gopher extermination in Massachusetts. Though non-lethal, the use of Juicy Fruit Gum is still regulated by the state. Homeowners should be aware that if this method is not used in accordance with state regulations, they could be subject to fines or other penalties.

At F&W Pest Control, we understand how important it is to rid your property of gophers. We use a variety of techniques to help our clients in Westborough and the Boston Metro Area get rid of gophers, including Juicy Fruit Gum. We are here to work with you and create a customized solution that will provide safe, effective, and long-term gopher-removal results. Contact us today to learn more and get started ridding your property of gophers.

Pest Control Near Me

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