Ridding Your Home Of Flea Infestation In Lexington, Massachusetts

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Fleas are an annoying pest and can easily infest any home in Massachusetts. While preventative measures can help keep fleas away, there are also effective methods for ridding your home of an infestation before it starts. Lexington, in particular, has a wide range of flea species and if a home has been unprotected from these pests, it could easily become teeming with flea larvae and adult fleas.

The first step in dealing with fleas is actually quite simple: keep your home and pet area clean. Vacuum regularly, especially in areas your pets may have been, and wash pet bedding frequently in hot water or even bring it to the cleaners. Doing this regularly will help to disrupt the flea cycle and can help prevent infestations before they begin.

In the event of a flea infestation, the most effective methods of controlling the population is to use a combination of pesticide treatments and manual removal. Before beginning control measures, it is important to identify the particular flea species present in the home. Different flea species have different behaviors and will require different types of treatment.

To begin pesticide treatments, it is important to begin with a broad-spectrum, synthetic pyrethroid-based product that is designed to kill flea larvae and eggs on contact. These products can also help to eliminate existing adult fleas that have not yet laid their eggs. After applying the pesticide, it is important to make sure to vacuum regularly to ensure the fleas are eliminated and that eggs and larvae are removed from the carpet and other surfaces.

In addition to pesticide treatments, traditional flea traps can be used to physically trap and kill fleas and reduce the overall flea population. Traps can be placed around the home and should be checked frequently for signs of fleas. Fleas can be killed as they get caught in the sticky glue trap and will soon die from lack of food and oxygen. This method of flea control is helpful as it does not rely on the use of toxic chemicals.

Finally, enlisting the help of a professional pest exterminator in Lexington, MA is a necessary step in eliminating a persistent flea infestation. Professional exterminators have access to the right tools and treatments for your particular flea species and can ensure an effective outcome. F&W Pest Control provides a range of residential pest control services and can help get rid of fleas in your home once and for all.

In conclusion, fleas can be a persistent annoyance in Lexington, MA, especially after an infestation has set in. However, with the right combination of chemical treatments and manual removal, fleas can be managed and controlled in any home. It is always best to start with preventive measures such as vacuuming regularly and washing pet bedding frequently, as these steps can help to disrupt the flea cycle and prevent infestations. In addition, traps and professional pest control services can help to eliminate a persistent flea infestation. F&W’s integrated pest management approach (IPM) provides the professional quality you need with the environmentally responsible quality of a DIY approach. Trust the expert exterminators at F&W to get rid of your fleas this season. Get a free quote to start debugging your space today.

Pest Control Near Me

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