Roaches: Top 10 Things To Consider When Exterminating In Newton, Massachusetts

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Nestled in the Greater Boston Area, Newton, Massachusetts is a vibrant suburb filled with unique history, beautiful outdoor spaces, and a lively city atmosphere. Despite the charm of living in Newton, one downside of the area is the pesky roach problem. While managing the roaches in Newton may seem daunting, the reality is that it can be done with a comprehensive pest prevention plan, even in the severe winter months. In this article, we will explore the top 10 things to consider when attempting to exterminate roaches in Newton, Massachusetts.

Background on Roaches

As the second most common household insect after houseflies, cockroaches are resilient and hardy creatures. There are four types of cockroaches that you may find in Massachusetts: German, American, Brown-banded, and Oriental. Recognized by their brownish-black coloring with two parallel lines on their back, the German roach is the most common type seen in Massachusetts. From a nest to major infestation, cockroaches can rapidly take over your living space, their droppings, toxins, and bad odor taking over the house.

Knowing Their Behavior

The behavior of the roach will be key to successfully fighting them. Know your enemy and be observant of their habits. If you see a roach in the day time, it is a sign of a high infestation level and a good indication to take action. In a household, roaches like to hide and reproduce in dark, warm, moist and undisturbed places like over-stuffed furniture, cardboard boxes, under sinks, and in cabinets. Additionally, they feed on food crumbs, inside garbage, pet food, and even detergent and shampoo. Therefore, it is crucial to keep food debris and other waste off the floor and out of the reach of the roaches. Effective sanitation and exclusion will form a major part of your strategy to exterminate roaches in Newton.

The Basics of Extermination

The first step to extermination is to find their nest. This can be tricky, as cockroaches are good at hiding. Inspect the areas mentioned above, as well as crevices around the house, behind appliances, and under cabinets. If necessary, use a flashlight to explore these hidden places in order to locate the hub of the infestation. Once the nest is located, apply a pesticide or insecticide specifically designed for roaches. Many products are available in the form of sprays, gels, powders, and traps. While some roaches may die near the treated area, that isn’t a guarantee that the problem is solved.

Prevention & Exclusion

In Newton, preventing and excluding roaches is just as important as exterminating them. To keep the roaches out, seal all exterior cracks, use tight-fitting window screens, fill any gap and spaces in the cabinet doors and around the sink pipe. It is also important to clean and store food such as sugar, oils, grains, and cereals in glass or plastic containers and check that they are properly sealed prior to storing them away. Also, keep your kitchen clean and vacuum regularly to remove food debris, crumbs, and other organic materials that attract roaches.


Baiting is an effective tool to remove roaches from your home, especially if you only see a few. Bait Gel is a great way to get rid of them as it uses food to bring the roaches out of hiding areas. The bait will be slowly consumed and shared by the entire cockroach population. However, it is important to remember that baiting is only effective when the infestation is low.

Chemical Extermination

Chemical extermination is the most effective way to get rid of roaches from your home. Sprays and aerosols are common methods used but can be dangerous to humans and pets if used in large amounts. It is also important to be aware of the local laws before applying these chemicals. Additionally, if you decide to go with a professional pest control service, research the types of products or methods they use before hiring.


Roach traps can be a great way to catch and remove the roaches from your home. Roach traps use bait that attracts the cockroaches and then traps them inside. A word of caution when using traps is that you have to use it properly to ensure the successful trapping and removing of the roaches. Additionally, be aware that traps can’t prevent new roaches from entering your home.

Natural Remedies

If chemical extermination methods don’t sound like the right option for you, there are other remedies that you can try out. Using natural ingredients like baking soda, catnip and cucumber peels can help reduce the population and repel the roaches as well. Similarly, planting herbs like peppermint or bay leaves around your house repel roaches through smell.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring powder that is useful for controlling roaches. When applied, it clings to the roaches? exoskeletons, absorbing the waxy film that keeps their bodies hydrated and killing them by dehydration. It is non-toxic to humans and pets and can be used without risk of harm.


Cockroaches are scavengers, meaning they eat whatever is lying around. To ensure successful extermination, cleaning the area and getting rid of food debris and other organic waste such as paper is essential. Use a vacuum and soapy water to washdown area where roaches are living.

Follow Up

Once you have implemented all of the steps of extermination, it is still important to follow up and take preventative measures. Consider keeping windows and doors closed and installing door sweeps to avoid any kind of drafts. Inspect entry points around the house and make sure they are well sealed. Keep your house free of clutter and store any boxes or fabric away from cockroach-friendly areas. It is also important to know when to seek professional advice and to keep up with routine insecticide treatments.


No one wants to share their home with roaches, and the good news is that with a comprehensive solution, extermination of roaches in Newton can be achieved. Consider the top 10 tips outlined in this article so as to be fully prepared and armed with the right information and know-how to tackle the roach problem in Newton. Remember to clean, store food properly, exterminate, and follow up. Finally, don’t hesitate to contact your local pest control professional if the situation gets out of hand.

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