Signs Of Termites In Andover, Massachusetts

Termite Exterminator

Termites can cause serious damage to any property. In Andover, Massachusetts, an infestation of these wood eating pests can cost thousands of dollars in repairs and treatments. However, spotting the signs of termites early on can be the difference between minor repairs and a major financial burden. This article will discuss the common tell-tale signs of termite infestation in the Andover area.

When Termites Invade

Though small and unassuming, termites can be a formidable foe. These insects feed on cellulose found in wood, papers, and other materials–making homes particularly vulnerable to destruction. Termites can live and reproduce within the walls and foundations of a home, eating away without the homeowner even being aware. Though some species survive more easily on damp or decaying wood, all termites can survive and spread quickly due to their highly reproductive capabilities.

Home Invasion

The most obvious sign of a termite infestation in Andover is the presence of the tiny, soft-bodied insects themselves, either inside or outside the home. Swarmers, which are reproductive termites that take wing, can be spotted near windows or around roof edges during the warmer months. Droppings, also known as frass, can be found inside and outside of the house. These droppings appear as small, woody pellets and are generally darker in color than the wood itself. In some cases, winged termite reproductives shed their wings indoors and can be spotted near windows or doorways.

Subtle Clues

The more subtle signs of termite activity can often go unnoticed. For example, hollow wood and wood with a thinning surface can indicate termite infestation. You may also see blistered wood or sagging doors or windows, as well as bubbled or cracked paint on walls and ceilings near wood components–all of which can be signs of termites. Additionally, keep an eye out for mud tubes on the outside of your home. These tubes are made from wood pulp and soil and can be a tell-tale sign of termite activity in your home.

Help Is Available

If you suspect you have a termite problem in your Andover, Massachusetts home, it is important to act quickly before the damage worsens. The pest control professionals at F&W have extensive experience dealing with termite infestations in the area and can provide you with a thorough assessment. With their integrated pest management approach and eco-friendly methods, they can get rid of your unwanted termite guests and give you back the peace of mind you need. Contact F&W today for a free quote and let their certified exterminators take care of the problem.

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