Sterling Massachusetts: Dealing With A Dead Pollen Covered Wasp Infestation

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Insects can be a nuisance for sure but they’re also a part of biology in the wild and the interconnectedness of the food web. They can provide vital pollination in many areas of the world but they can also cause a great disturbance in our daily lives when they’ve taken up in a dwelling or backyard. Wasps, in particular, are both beneficial and menacing, and are something no one wants to handle on their own. On top of this, they can be a danger to both humans and animals.

Sterling, Massachusetts in particular is a hotspot for residential wasp infestation this time of year. This is due to the ideal conditions of its proximity to nature, with a plethora of dead polled covered wasps as far as the eye can see. But don’t be concerned, because F&W Pest Control, located in nearby Concord, is here to help.

What is a dead pollen-covered wasp and why should you be concerned?

A dead pollen covered wasp is the result of a wasp’s short lifespan after it has been out in the elements pollinating flowers and fauna in the wild. When a wasp dies naturally, the pollen it’s been carrying will remain on its body like a sticky coat that’s attracted to its outer layer. This is something that homeowners should be concerned about because it means that their home is now a potential food source. Wasps are attracted to sugar and sweet things, so a home with dead pollen-covered wasps anywhere near it is like a shining beacon in broad daylight, inviting them in. This is especially concerning for a home near a natural area that has plenty of potential sources of food for pesky wasps.

What can you do about a dead pollen-covered wasp infestation?

The first thing you should do is contact a certified pest control company like F&W Pest Control operating in the area. Let them know of the infestation and they will send an experienced team of professionals to assess the situation and determine the best way to handle it.

F&W Pest Control has been providing quality pest control services to residents of Sterling, Massachusetts and the surrounding areas for over 25 years. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques allow us to achieve optimal results with minimal pesticide usage, while our efficient and friendly customer service gets you the solutions you need in a timely manner. We are well-equipped to handle dead pollen-covered wasp infestations, as well as everything from general pest control to live trapping, bird control, and other wildlife removal services.

Specifically, when it comes to dead pollen-covered wasps, F&W Pest Control uses a unique two-pronged approach. The first step is to safely remove as many of the dead wasps as possible to limit future infestation, while the second step is to use strategically-placed traps and barriers to deter any new wasps from entering the property. We not only provide an effective solution, but one that’s safe for children, pets, and the environment.

Should you DIY or hire a professional when dealing with a dead pollen-covered wasp infestation?

It’s best to leave the work to the professionals. While it may be tempting to save a buck and attempt to DIY the removal process, it could end up costing you a lot more in the long run due to safety risks and potential property damage.

At F&W Pest Control, the safety of your family and property are our top priorities. We understand that a single sting can cause an anaphylactic reaction in some cases, which is why we take the necessary safety precautions when handling wasps. When you choose F&W Pest Control, you can rest assured that our trained technicians will get the job done safely, quickly, and effectively.


Dead pollen-covered wasps can be a nuisance and even a safety hazard for a homeowner, but with the help of F&W Pest Control, you don’t have to worry. Our experienced team of technicians and IPM techniques will get rid of the infestation and keep it from coming back. Don’t wait any longer, call us now to get your dead pollen-covered wasp infestation gone for good!

Pest Control Near Me

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