Surviving the Winter: a Guide to Evaluating and Understanding Bug Behavior in Concord, Massachusetts

Living in Massachusetts means dealing with an array of unwelcome bugs. From the frustrating but relatively harmless mosquito to the wooden-house-destroying termite, these pests often become a regular nuisance to homeowners throughout the state. As the temperature begins to drop, so does the activity of many of these bugs and other pests, leading to the question, “Where do bugs go in winter’” If you have an infestation in Concord, Massachusetts, understanding the behavior of bugs and making sure your home is adequately protected from them is key to surviving the colder months.

F&W Pest Control has been helping Massachusetts homeowners with bug control for more than 70 years. In order to understand where bugs retreat in winter, it’s essential to first evaluate bug behavior based on the time of year.

The Big Chill

The winter months in Concord, Massachusetts, can be unpredictable and even drastic. Bugs that thrive in warm weather, like mosquitoes and wasps, don’t often survive extreme winter weather; however, some bugs—like centipedes, ants, and carpenter ants— can burrow and survive in warmer temperatures underground. Knowing this information helps homeowners to prepare for pests during wintertime accurately.

Bugs can make their homes outside or indoors, so it’s crucial to inspect your property and make sure it is secure. Cracks and crevices in the foundation, loose windows and doors, and water damage are all areas to check for pests. The more you can protect these areas, the less likely pests will take refuge in your home.

The Search for Food

Food is an essential part of any creature’s survival, and bugs are no exception. Even in the coldest of temperatures, bugs will often search for nutrient sources to survive. Food can be sourced from the walls of your home, as well as windows, doors, and crevices. Exterminating food sources, like dead leaves, grass, and wood, can help protect your outdoor home and prepare for winter.

Winter Treatments

Once you’ve evaluated your home for potential bug activity, you can make sure it’s adequately prepared for the cold weather. F&W Pest Control offers a comprehensive array of residential and industrial pest control services. Their integrated pest management approach (IPM) provides the professional quality you need with the environmentally responsible quality of a DIY approach.

Trusting the expert exterminators with F&W ensures you’ll receive the highest quality services to get rid of mosquitos, as well as other pests that could be planning to take refuge in your home this winter. Get a free quote from F&W Pest Control to start debugging your space today.

In conclusion, understanding where bugs go in the winter is essential for Concord, Massachusetts homeowners. Not only does it protect your home and family from the dangers of pests, but it also reduces potentially hazardous and costly infestations. Making sure you’re aware of bug behavior, investigating your property for potential crevices, and winter-proofing your home are all important steps in bug control in Massachusetts. The experts at F&W Pest Control are here to ensure you get the help and guidance needed to survive the winter with as few bugs as possible.

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