Tackling Termites In Grafton To Put Home Owners At Ease

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The mere mention of termites likely fills most Massachusetts homeowners with dread. In such a hardy region though, these quiet dwellers are surprisingly common. Fortunately, with the right knowledge and professional pest control from F&W Pest Control, anyone living in the Grafton area can protect their home and family from the dangers posed by a termite infestation.

What Is an Infestation?

A termite infestation usually refers to an unusually large colony of the insect living in a specific area, such as a home. The individuals living in the colony are of different types, each performing a certain task and contributing to the termite’s overall collective goal ? in this case, to feed on and destroy the wood and plaster that make up the structure of many homes. In Grafton, a termite infestation can cause serious damage if left unaddressed.

How to Check for Signs of Termite Activity

The key to successfully partaking in termite control is to catch them in their tracks. This means being vigilant of any signs that might alert one to an infestation before it has gone too far. Fortunately, but not always, termites may make their presence noticeable with various warning signs. Common telltale signs of termites include:

Piles of discarded wings around doorways and windows

Damage to wood, such as rotting, weak, bubbling, or cracking

Mud tubes stretching along walls or other wood surfaces

Visible swarmers, or termite reproductives

Musty odors or high humidity in certain areas of the home

How to Get Rid of Termites

Once a termite problem has been identified, the next order of business is to figure out how to get rid of them as soon as possible. This can be done in a few different ways, but the most common and effective form of termite treatment is to apply and monitor a termite bait system. Bait systems are separated into two parts ? reactors and bait stations. The reactor attracts the termites, and the bait station entices them to feed on the pesticide inside and deliver it back to the colony. This kills the nest completely, while helping to minimize exposure to humans.

Once the infestation has been addressed, it is important to seek solutions to prevent a termite infestation from happening again. F&W Pest Control offers Prevention Services to help homeowners find long-term solutions that keep these destructive bugs at bay. Using a combination of services like exclusion works, debris removal, wood treatment, moisture control, foundation trenching, and inspection, homeowners can take the necessary steps to prep their property against future invasions.


For Massachusetts homeowners in the Grafton area, termites can be a serious problem. These pests feed on wood and can cause a surprising amount of damage if left unchecked. Fortunately, armed with the right knowledge, anyone can effectively manage a termite infestation. With the help of F&W Pest Control, Grafton residents can protect their homes from termite damage and future invasions.

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