Termite Control In Boston: 10 Things Every Homeowner Should Consider

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Termite infestations are a common problem in Boston, MA, and knowing how to prevent them is essential for homeowners. Proper termite control and prevention can not only safeguard your home against damage, but it can also save you a significant amount of money. To ensure that your home stays protected from the costly damage termites can do, it’s important to familiarize yourself with what you should consider before you make any decisions about termite control and prevention. Here are 10 tips for effective and successful termite control for your Boston home.

1. Make Sure You Know Who You Are Contracting With

When it comes to contracting with a termite control and prevention company, it’s critical that you do your research. Make sure that any company you’re planning on hiring is both reputable and experienced with termites. Ask family, friends, and neighbors for any personal referrals they may have and be sure to look into the company’s reviews online. The last thing you want is to hire a company that promises more than they can deliver, so be sure to read the contract carefully and make sure that you understand everything that is included in the scope of their services.

2. Annual Inspections And Follow-Up Treatment

Having your home inspected on an annual basis is a great way to prevent against any termite infestations. During the inspection, your technician will check for signs of termite activity such as mud tubes, winged insects, droppings, and other evidence left behind by the pests. If they find any active infestations, it’s important to get prompt treatment to get rid of the problem before damage to your home becomes an issue.

3. Home Improvement Measures

Making improvements to your home can help you to avoid an infestation. Make sure to seal off any gaping holes or crevices that could be an easy entryway for termites. Additionally, fixing any leaks and keeping your gutters and roof free of debris can help to keep them away.

4. Soil Treatments

Sometimes the most effective way to prevent against termites is a soil treatment. This is when a technician will spray a chemical into the ground around your home to kill any termites in the area. It’s important to be aware of what type of chemicals are being used, as some are toxic to people and animals.

5. Bait Station Monitoring

If you want to monitor for activity or determine the extent of the infestation, setting up a few bait stations around your home can be effective. This is when you set out small wooden or plastic containers in areas where you suspect termite activity, and check the containers periodically. Any termite activity in the containers can then be treated immediately.

6. Termite Baiting Systems

Another popular form of termite control is the use of bait systems. With this type of system, plastic or wooden containers are filled with a bait material that contains a chemical that attracts and kills the termites. It’s important that these systems be properly installed and maintained in order to be effective.

7. Install Physical Barriers

The installation of physical barriers such as fencing or an impermeable barrier around the perimeter of your home can also help to prevent against termite infestations. Making sure these barriers are properly maintained and not cracked or damaged in any way can help to keep the pests away.

8. Wood Treatment Products

There are a variety of wood treatment products available designed to help you protect your home from termites. These typically come in the form of a spray and can be applied to any wood in your home, such as a deck, door frames, window frames, or other items made of wood.

9. Keep Tree Branches Away From Your Home

Termites are typically attracted to wood, and having any overhanging tree branches close to your home can be an invitation to the pests. Be sure to keep any branches or shrubs that are close to your home trimmed back so that they are at least a few feet away from your house.

10. Domestic Wildlife

Domestic animals such as cats and dogs can unknowingly bring home some unwanted guests. Be sure to keep your pets confined or supervised when they are outside in order to prevent them from bringing any termites home with them.

Having termites in your home can be destructive and costly, which is why preventing against them is so important. By following these tips, you can protect your Boston, MA home from termite damage and save yourself money and hassle in the long run. The expert exterminators at F&W Pest Control offer a broad spectrum of MA pest control including general pest control services, wildlife removal, termite control, and more, with a focus on achieving optimal pest control in MA with minimal use of pesticides. For professional quality results with an environmentally responsible DIY approach, contact F&W Pest Control and get a free quote today to start debugging your space.

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