The Complete Guide To Bald Faced Hornet Control For Homeowners In Scituate, MA

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Summer and fall are prime times for pests around your home to take up residence, and one of the most common of these is the bald-faced hornet. Characterized by its black and white coloring, these two to three centimeter-long buzzing insects can be found in certain regions of Massachusetts, especially near Scituate. Centuries old myths, in addition to the fact that their bite can cause pain, redness, swelling, and even anaphylactic shock in some people, make them a pest homeowners struggle to handle.

To provide assistance to those in need of relief, F&W Pest Control, one of the leading names in Massachusetts pest control, has developed a comprehensive guide about dealing with bald-faced hornets. This guide will discuss the changes in Massachusetts laws regarding pests such as bald-faced hornets, the best methods of control, and how to maintain a pest free environment.

Changes in Massachusetts Laws

Due to changes in Massachusetts laws, land owners now have to exercise greater control over the pests that inhabit their property and in turn the entire state. This means that even when it comes to pests not harmful to humans or animals, they still have to be eliminated from your property, including bald-faced hornets.

Adhering to these regulations will not only keep your family safe but will also show that you are a responsible land owner that looks out for the environment and its inhabitants.

Best Methods of Control

To control and ultimately eliminate bald-faced hornets from your property, the best methods include trapping and physical removal of the nest, insecticides, and baiting.


The method used to remove the nests will depend on a number of factors such as the size and location, as well as the species of bald-faced hornet present on your property. It is important to remember that improper use of inseciticides can cause more harm than good. Whenever using insecticides, it is important to make sure to use the correct dose and follow the instructions written on the product itself. In order to ensure you are using the right product, contact your local pest control professional, who will be able to provide advice and recommendations.


Baiting is another very effective method of controlling bald-faced hornets and other pests. It works by baiting the insects with food source while incorporating poison that will kill the hornets. It is important to remember that when baiting, to make sure to use the right bait type for the specific species of bald-faced hornet, as well as make sure that the bait is placed in areas away from children and pets.

Trapping and Physical Removal of Nest:

If you decide to use physical removal as a method of pest control to remove the bald faced hornet nest, make sure to wear protective gear such as a beekeeper suit and face shield. When attempting this method of pest control, the best way to do this is to wait until nightfall, when the hornets are less active, before trying to remove the hive.

Maintaining a Pest Free Environment

In order to prevent bald-faced hornets from returning to your property, it is important to maintain a pest-free environment. This means eliminating food sources and any hiding places where the pests may take refuge.

To do this, start by checking your property for sources of food they could be attracted to and remove them. Additionally, look for cracks in your walls and windows or other places where they could enter your home. If you find any, seal them with caulk or wire mesh.

Finally, invest in pest control methods that will keep your property free from bald-faced hornets. These methods include traps, baits, or insecticides. Pest control professionals can provide advice and recommendations when it comes to these methods.


Bald-faced hornets and other pests can be a nuisance that can put your family’s safety at risk as well as require you to adhere to changes in Massachusetts law regarding pest control.

The best way to keep your property safe from these pests is to use the methods of trapping and physical removal of the nest, insecticides, and baiting. Additionally, maintaining a pest-free environment by eliminating any sources of food they could be attracted to and sealing any entry points into your home can prevent them from ever returning.

If you are having trouble controlling these pests on your own, you can always contact a pest control professional such as F&W Pest Control for assistance. With their help, you can repair any losses, ensure that the pests are fully removed, and maintain a healthy and safe environment for yourself and your family.

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