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The Cost of Letting Pests Take Over Your Home

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If you’ve noticed pests in your home, you’re likely uneasy with their presence. While it’s common knowledge that insects, rodents and other intruders can carry health impacts, most people don’t consider the financial implications that pests can have on your home.

F&W Pest Control would like to tell you that you’re not alone in ridding your home of dangerous, damaging pests. We can help you remove existing infestations as well as develop a regular maintenance schedule that will help prevent a recurrence.


Whether they’re chipmunks, squirrels or larger members of the family, rodents are exceedingly destructive house guests. Outside of the cost involved in the removal of potentially hazardous waste products, rodents are famous for loving to chew. This can lead to extreme damage to insulation, wiring, walls and sometimes even your pipes.

Groundhogs and Gophers

While they don’t typically venture inside, groundhogs and gophers like to burrow near your foundation. As these rodents build large dens under your house, they leave the potential for water damage under your foundation.

Removal, sanitation, and replacement of these structural items is costly. Thankfully, you can avoid these expenses through regular maintenance and deterrence of rodents with safe, effective exterminator services.


While insects such as roaches and beetles won’t cause structural damage to their home, they can carry allergens or diseases with them when they enter. Roaches, in particular, show an affinity to paper and will feed on any books that you have available. Both of these insects leave copious amounts of waste products behind that cause bad smells, hard to remove stains and other damage to your home.

Bees and Wasps

If wasps or bees find a home in the eaves of your roof, they can open your house to the elements through roof and shingle damage. Only a few months of weather exposure can lead to major roof problems, which can then affect the walls, wiring and structure of your home.


Famous for the consumption of wood, termites can damage a home in record speed. When a colony nests into your house, they bore holes through uncovered wood supports.

Eventually, these holes become so numerous the structural integrity of your home is jeopardized. In addition to this concern, termites could infest nearby trees, weakening them and putting your house at risk of fall damage.

As you can see, pests can wreak financial havoc on any home. If you notice an infestation, it’s important to contact F&W Pest Control so we can treat it as quickly as possible in order to limit the impact on your home and lessen repairs.

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