The Definitive Guide To Evaluating And Understanding Carpenter Bee Vs Bumble Bee Infestations In North Andover, Massachusetts

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Evaluating and understanding infestations of bumble and carpenter bees in North Andover, Massachusetts, can be a complicated task. Many homeowners may not be familiar with the diverse types of bees, the different environmental factors that affect their nest building behavior, or the methods of pest control available to safely rid a property of harmful bee activity. To ensure the best outcome, it is important to differentiate between the two bee types and to work closely with a professional pest control provider, such as F & W Pest Control, to assess and treat the issue.

The Bumble Bee

Bumble bees are an important species to the environment, but they can also be damaging and dangerous to humans. They have a distinctive black-and-yellow coloring with thick, furry bodies and are the largest of the bees commonly found in Massachusetts. Unlike solitary bees, bumble bees live in colonies and are most often active during the summer and early fall months. Bumble bee nests are usually found underground in abandoned rodent tunnels or in yards with tall grass, but can sometimes be found in wall cavities, crawl spaces, and attics of residential homes.

Common signs of bumble bee activity include loud buzzing and strange activity around the nest area, as well as individuals flying in and out of small cavities and crevices. It is not uncommon for bumble bees to target outdoor furniture, playground equipment, and even clothing. If disturbed, bumble bees can become extremely aggressive, and those who are stung can experience pain and swelling.

The Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bees, the most common bee pests in North Andover, look similar to bumble bees at first glance, but there are a few essential distinctions. They are typically black-and-yellow, and very large almost the size of a bumble bee? but have black, hairless abdomens and heads. In contrast to bumble bees, carpenter bees prefer to build their nests in wood, often creating galleries in unpainted and untreated wood, such as decks, eaves, and siding.

Carpenter bees are generally less aggressive than bumble bees and rarely sting unless handled or provoked. However, they are capable of damaging wood structures when they tunnel and excavate nest sites. In fact, extended carpenter bee activity, left untreated, can make an entire building structurally unsound. Contrary to a common misconception, carpenter bees do not eat wood, but rather use it to create tunnels and nest sites to raise their young.

Recognizing the Difference

Understanding the differences between carpenter bees and bumble bees is a crucial step for a successful pest control outcome. There are several resources available to assist in the identification process, such as consulting an expert from F & W Pest Control. Once an accurate identification is made, action should be taken to safely eliminate the infestation.


The primary method for bumble bee control involves treating the nest and cavity directly with a contact insecticide or through the use of a space spray. Physical removal of the nest can also be attempted, but is not recommended as bumble bee stings can be dangerous and the queen is extremely difficult to locate. Professional pest control treatment is often the best option to ensure the nest and colony are completely eliminated.

For carpenter bee nest treatment, there are a few different methods. Again, a qualified pest control professional should typically be consulted to assess the situation and determine the best approach. Homeowners can attempt to spray aerosols or dusts into nest entrances but must be sure to target the nest’s galleries in order to be effective. For severe infestations, the wood may have to be removed and replaced to ensure the nest is completely gone.


Identifying and treating the source of bee activity in North Andover, Massachusetts, can often be a challenge. However, it is important to properly assess the situation in order to ensure the most effective pest control outcome. Bumble and carpenter bees are both significant pests, but they can be managed with the help of a trustworthy, professional pest control provider. F & W Pest Control specializes in the integrated pest management of bees, providing safe and effective solutions for residential and commercial customers. One of their experienced pest professionals can evaluate the extent of the issue and determine whether or not pest control services are necessary. With offices all across eastern Massachusetts, they are here to help you reclaim your property and regain the peace of mind it deserves.

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