The Guide To Evaluating And Preventing Mice Infestations In North Andover, Massachusetts

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Welcome to North Andover, Massachusetts, a small town in eastern Massachusetts with a lot to offer from its beautiful outdoors and natural attractions to its quaint shops and restaurants. Unfortunately, residents have had to deal with mouse infestations, as many homes and buildings in the area are susceptible to rodents. The presence of mice can cause health problems, damage to property, and other nuisances. If not addressed in a timely manner, the problem can worsen and become more difficult to eradicate. To help residents of Norwood, Massachusetts better understand and evaluate their mouse infestation, F&W Pest Control has created this guide.

Understanding Rodent Infestations

Mice are one of the most common house pests in North Andover, Massachusetts. They are carriers of a variety of bacteria and diseases, and their droppings cancontaminate food and water, resulting in health hazards. Not only can they make life in your home quite uncomfortable, but they can also cause considerable damage to wiring, walls, and other structural components. Mice can quickly reproduce, increasing the infestation numbers in a relatively short time. Therefore, a prompt evaluation and treatment of the infestation is recommended.

Inspecting for Mice

Inspecting for mouse infestations can be a tricky business. Mice are rarely seen during the daytime, and they’re even more difficult to spot during the night. However, there are certain signs that should help you determine whether you are dealing with an infestation. The most common indicator is spotting droppings, which may appear as tiny, dark, teardrop-shaped pellets. You may also find small nests or burrows near walls, baseboards, or within cabinets. If you have noticed any of these signs, it is important to take immediate action so you can avoid an ongoing infestation.

Choose the Right Pest Control Method

Once you have identified evidence of rodent infestations, the next step is to decide what pest control methods you should implement. It is important that you select a reliable professional pest control company that offers appropriate rodent removal solutions. You can expect them to inspect the causes and extent of the infestation before recommending any treatments, such as traps, baiting, and poison.


Traps are the most recommended method of rodent control, as they are safe for humans and animals. Traps may be reusable or disposable, and should be placed in the right areas ? for instance, by walls and under furniture. The food bait should be placed directly on the trigger plate, and traps should be regularly checked and replaced if needed.


Baiting is another effective method for stopping rodent infestations. It involves placing a small amount of bait ? usually a combination of a food attractant with a small poison ? in areas where mice are likely to access it. Traps can also be used to help identify the location of the rodents and improve the efficiency of baiting.


Poison is typically used as a last resort only after attempting to capture the rodents with traps or bait. While poison is typically effective, it does have drawbacks. For example, the poisoned mouse may die elsewhere, leaving you with a rotting carcass in a hard-to-reach area. In addition, poison may also contain harmful chemicals, which can be hazardous for humans and other animals.

Sealing Entry Points

Once the rodent infestation has been eliminated, it is essential to inspect your home for any potential entry points that may have allowed the rodents in, and seal each point with materials such as wire mesh, caulk, or foam. This precaution will help ensure that mice cannot get back in and reestablish an infestation.


A mouse infestation in your North Andover, Massachusetts home can easily become a nightmare if left unchecked. Evaluating the affected areas and understanding the best prevention methods are essential in order to secure your home against these pests. To assist you, F&W Pest Control offers a full range of services and treatments that are tailored to your specific pest control needs. One of their pest management professionals will inspect the severity of the infestation and determine the proper treatments that will effectively eliminate your unwanted guests. F&W Pest Control serves all of eastern Massachusetts, with offices in Wrentham, Framingham, Peabody, and Kingston, so contact us today and regain the peace of mind you deserve.

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