The Guide To Evaluating And Understanding What Do Shrews Eat For Homeowners In North Billerica, Massachusetts

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Understanding what shrews eat in North Billerica, Massachusetts and determining the best approach to extermination can be a daunting task. As with other pest problems, understanding the biology and habits of these pesky critters is key to eliminating them before they cause bigger problems. Knowing what they eat and how to target infestations in your specific area will provide you with the knowledge you need for successful pest control.

What Do Shrews Eat?

Shrews are a type of small mammal that live in dense woodlands and eat insects, spiders, worms, and other small invertebrates. They will also feed on eggs, small mammals, and bird nests if they are available. This omnivorous diet plays a key role in keeping North Billerica’s ecosystems in balance.

Shrews eat by using their front teeth to bite and tear their food. While other animals may rely on their sense of smell to locate prey, shrews have poor eyesight and rely on their keen sense of hearing. They can detect sounds as quiet as insects walking on the ground or birds in the sky and will quickly forage for food.

Prevention Tips to Help Keep Shrews Away

Shrews can enter homes through small holes in screen doors, windows, attics, garages, and crawl spaces. To minimize the likelihood of an infestation, homeowners should conduct regular inspections for any openings, seal cracks and crevices, and cover any openings to the outside with weather stripping or steel wool. Additionally, removing any stagnant water sources and any potential food sources like pet food will help to reduce the risk of a shrew infestation in North Billerica.

When Should You Call a Pest Control Professional?

If you are dealing with an infestation of shrews in North Billerica, it is best to contact a pest control professional right away. Pest control professionals are trained to recognize the most effective methods of pest control and can develop a plan specifically tailored for your property. These experts can then utilize a variety of methods to eliminate the problem including trapping, baiting, and spray treatments.

In some cases, these methods may not be sufficient to fully eliminate a shrew infestation. In these cases, additional methods of exclusion may be used such as closing any holes or points of access. Pest control professionals may also utilize ultrasonic device, which use sound waves to disrupt rodents’ movement, and the use of repellents like natural mint oil or predator urine to help discourage shrew infestations in North Billerica.


Shrews are capable of wreaking havoc on North Billerica homes, but with a few preventive measures and the right pest control professionals, they can be kept in check. Taking the time to understand what these animals eat, where they live, and how they behave is essential to devising an effective plan of attack. If your home or business is experiencing a shrew infestation, it is best to contact a pest control expert to design a custom treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

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