The Ultimate Guide To Evaluating And Understanding Spiders In Massachusetts For Homeowners In Canton

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It’s inevitable that homeowners living in Canton, Massachusetts will occasionally face spiders in their home. But for those who aren’t familiar with spiders native to the area, knowledge on safely and effectively identifying spiders and understanding their behavior can be difficult to come by. This guide is here to help.

From common house spiders to venomous arachnids, this guide will equip Canton, Massachusetts homeowners with the knowledge and confidence they need to combat spider infestations. At F&W Pest Control, we offer a full array of residential pest control services, including quality spider control. Utilizing our expertise when it comes to Massachusetts spiders, we’ve broken down the essentials of what you need to know about evaluating and understanding spiders before opting for professional spider control.

Identifying Common Spiders

Identifying whether you have a spider infestation in your home begins with correctly identifying the type of spiders present. Though Canton, Massachusetts is located in the temperate southeastern part of the state, warm weather brings out a variety of spiders, both common and rare. Many of them can look similar to the untrained eye, making it important to learn to recognize them separately.

The Jumping Spider: Jumping spiders are identifiable by their robust size and short, stubby legs. These spiders are most active during the day, particularly the hottest parts of summer, and can be found both indoors and outdoors. Brown and black in color, jumping spiders don’t spin webs and instead rely on short jumps and drops to catch insects.

The Funnel Weaver: Coming in various shades of brown and black, the funnel weaver prefers to stay outdoors and create its large webs in dark, wet sheltered areas such as porches and caves. Favoring locations in the shade, these eight-legged nuisances can reach lengths of up to one inch.

The Wolf Spider: Wolf spiders are unique for being one of the few spiders in Massachusetts that wander, making them common pests found within homes. Larger in size than other spider species, wolf spiders are brown and black and can reach sizes of up to one inch and a half. These spiders are also easily identifiable by their hurred abdomens and legs.

Black Widow Spider: Arguably the most dangerous spider species in Massachusetts is the black widow. Its bulbous black abdomen makes it easy to identify and can reap serious, even fatal, consequences if you’re bitten. Black widow spiders generally stay outdoors and are solitary in nature.

The Cellar Spider: From its name alone, it’s easy to guess where cellar spiders can be found. Out of the many spiders in Massachusetts, cellar spiders favor inhabiting dark, damp areas indoors most commonly, dark corners in basements. With their thin, hairy and long legs, cellar spiders look similar to wolf spiders, though they remain significantly smaller.

Spider Control Techniques

Once you’ve correctly identified the type of spider infestation in your Canton, Massachusetts home, there are some DIY techniques for controlling spiders.

? Regularly dust and vacuum to remove cobwebs, species of spiders, lairs and spider eggs

? Cut back over-grown trees, shrubs and foliage around your home

? Seal entryways into the interior of your house where spiders may come in from the outside

? Remove debris and wood piles in your yard which spiders could use as shelter

? Make sure all windows have tight screens and repair any ripped screens

? Use a high-grade insecticide to spray surfaces and baseboards of infested areas

Effective Spider Control from Professionals

At F&W, we understand that spider control can be difficult and overwhelming if attempted alone. That’s why we provide professional spider control services for Canton, Massachusetts homeowners, tailored to your specific spider control needs. Our comprehensive spider control services include interior and exterior treatments and removal of current pests on your property. Utilizing our integrated pest management (IPM) approach, F&W provides the professional quality you need with the environmentally responsible quality of a DIY approach.

Thanks to our expertise when it comes to Massachusetts spiders, our exterminators know how and where to target spiders in your home. Our Canton, Massachusetts exterminators also utilize a green pest control approach, minimizing the use of hazardous chemicals while providing safe, efficient pest control to meet your individual needs.


Spider infestations can present a challenge and a lasting inconvenience for homeowners in Canton, Massachusetts. However, with the right information and professional spider control services from F&W, these spider infestations can be effectively and safely managed. Whether you need a one time treatment for ongoing spider control, we pride ourselves on providing targeted, top quality pest control services for Canton, Massachusetts homeowners. Trust F&W to provide the effective spider control you need to enjoy the peace of mind you deserve. Get a free spider control estimate today from the experts at F&W.

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